39 Didn't Happen. The Prediction Was Wrong! Well, Partially.

Written by Max
, tagged as #journal

So... nothing happened on Sept 3rd. Meaning, that prediction about Lions gate on 9/3 (8/8 lunar calendar) was just another scam.

It's not like I believed 100% in this information (prediction). However, that's totally something that got into my head for some time.

The good news is that as of this day I trust less information like this, even tho I think it makes sense to stay open minded. I think that it's wiser to seek internal confirmations and synchronicities instead of looking for information somewhere in the external. Meaning, do not expect much from other people. They can be either deceived themselves or they operate according to their secret agenda, taking advantage of others. The latter is quite clear as soon as they make a commercial thing and share knowledge (even spiritual) in exchange for something (money, subscriptions, referrals, etc.) Sometimes, they don't know themselves and truly want to share what they "channeled" beyond this realm, but who says that this is 100% right by definition. It can be easily a wrong info and serve someone else's purpose, for example, to get your energy, or collectively manifest something in this or other realms (as above, so below). It can be anything, limitless possibilities.

One thing is clear. We shouldn't be naive. Trust no one (not even otherworldly beings). Use intuition as much as possible. Trust yourself more than anyone else. You are more powerful than probably you know and there are evil beings that want a piece of you (your energy). Do not let them do it. No one will save you except you. You have the best interest in you and your closest ones.

I think it's time to do a cleanup. On reason is the change of seasons (autumn now). Another, even more important, reason is that those chats that misinform/disinform became a source of entropy.

I think I have an understanding how things work now in this system we're living in, but, to be honest, most of the information I get now is coming from the books. Not all of them are good and accurate, but this medium definitely requires a lot of work and commitment to publish a book. I know that from my experience of writing and publishing one several years ago. Also, I feel like my memory works better when I read a book and focus at one thing at a time. It feels better for sure. Chats, and other mediums like YouTube, IG... require a short span attention and I feel like my thoughts are scattered by many little pieces around different topics. Which is not the best way to learn something, in my opinion. Also, it's not healthy. "Your body is in your mind."

Chats and messengers is a powerful technology to keep people informed and do it in a quick way. It's a very good idea to gather people in one channel and discuss things collectively, but the main problem, I think, in most of the chats is ego: "Watch this, do this, think this..." So it makes perfect sense to use critical thinking, and leave a channel when something fishy is going on. Trust your feelings and do not let them distract you. We've got everything we need, we just forgot most of it. You need to work on yourself in order to remember and do the right thing.

I feel like I'm drawing my energy back when leaving/deleting the chats. The similar thing happened to me when I deleted my IG account and removed data from YouTube and Google. That definitely feels right.

14:41. Setting tasks to myself in an old-fashioned way in my notepad. Feeling clarity. It's a big stack of tasks, but it seems doable now.