Benefits Of Thinking Big, Global Influence Of Design On The World

Written by Max
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Would be great if your work would change the world isn't it? I've already been passionate about it for several years and each year I have more and more passion for changing the world with design in a good way...

I enjoy creating things. I enjoy building things...

And someone wrote that if you want to be successful you need to produce. Being a producer of products or services is the only way... Consuming will not give you the same.

I live in a country where we have awful user experience almost in everything. From government entities to the simplest things that you can't even imagine such as buildings, transportation, etc.

You can ask what useful can I tell you about user experience if I live (lived) in such a not user-friendly place? Basically, I've learned that in this industry it works in the opposite way. I have a legitimate reason why I can teach about user experience and other design principles.

I'm always hungry for the best design solution not only in the digital environment but and in regular life experiences.

Anytime when I have a negative experience I do not complain about it... Well, ok. To be honest, I complain a little bit in my mind, but right after that, I start thinking about the solution of how it can be improved. I search for the right questions and then for thinking about the answers.

I travel several times a year (sometimes even more often) to different countries. And sometimes I think If I was born in another country where UX is ok in most of the things I wouldn't become a designer. Simply because I wouldn't have this burning desire to fix something and change for the better. Or even invent something that will simplify the lives of people who have similar obstacles.

Now it's not about countries or even continents. I can see things that could be improved in the whole world.

Designers are artists in some sense. We create things and I'm sure if you want to achieve something big you need to use your critical thinking.

But if you're are only at the start then you need to start small to not be super overwhelmed and not lose motivation. No one is born with the ability for creating big things. It's usually a hard-working process before you can see a good outcome and then a great result.

Successful designers failed many times before they achieved success. Downtime and a lack of motivation are only a part of the process.

You can go into several design fields simultaneously but would be better if you focus on one at a time. Someone said that in our 30's we have 80% of productive time ahead and in 50's we still have 40%. So, if you're middle-aged or even younger then you have plenty of time. The question is how you spend it. 

Success is only a question of time if you have a burning desire to achieve something.

Famous musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors have spent at least 10,000 hours in their fields. Some of them spent even 14,000 hours. It's 7-10 years before they achieved great success.

Do you think you should be highly intelligent to be successful?

With a positive, optimistic, and cooperative attitude a person with an IQ of 100 will earn more money, win more respect, and achieve more success than a negative, pessimistic, antisocial individual with an IQ of 120 or even higher.

Stop selling yourself so short.

"Life is too short to be little." - Disraeli

Thinking big in creative professions opens a lot of doors. It allows thinking outside of the box. It's the reason why we have exponential progress in the tech world nowadays.

Thus, the most important thing in creative professions is to think big. Don't go only in details and routine work.

Left some time for big global projects. Start with personal projects and make them so cool that other people will like them and help you to achieve even bigger success.