Cities Are More Matrix Like

Written by Max
, tagged as #journal

Riding the whole day in the mountains.

It's refreshing on physical (it's cooling up) and mental levels (surrounded by nature). We had such a nice time riding in the mountains. 

It was great to feel the contrast between hot weather in general and cold, misty, rainy weather in the mountains. It's been a while since I physically felt this climate. Although it was nice to quickly get back to the warm weather even tho, in our case today, it was for a small time before we hit rainfall and became 99% wet. The body responded well tho. I've experimented with control of the body temperature using a breathing technique. At one point, I even felt a heat in my chest. It really works.

<b>You just need to believe 100% in it.</b>

Also, I've been trying to rely mostly on intuition (right brain) Today, and it seems to work better than I try to plan our route and activities ahead. I think it's important to know what you want clearly, and a possibility will present itself.

You need to pay attention to things that happen around you and be aware not to miss an opportunity.

I recently feel like restricting myself in certain things, and old habits make me healthier in general but also help me be more spiritually connected. I now spend less time on entertainment, discussing people, eating or drinking something really bad when in cities, etc.

One side of me is still craving some of those things, probably because I've had those experiences in the past, and it felt good.

Now I understand the price, and I don't want to sacrifice myself and the level of consciousness I have now to become the previous version of me.

Sometimes, I feel like removing certain things from my lifestyle unblocks me from developing superpowers, receiving/storing energy, and using it for better things, creativity, or helping someone, even with little things. 

We spent the whole day out of the city, and it felt better.

We are more connected to nature than to city life. The air is better, green everywhere, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, donkeys, birds, cows, cats, and dogs. Everything is alive outside the city, with fewer masks and more smiles. Empty roads and a better connection to what's around. The tall trees, landscapes, clouds of different shapes, must... 

We definitely want to continue living close to nature even though it can sometimes be inconvenient because we are far away from everything. It's actually a plus because you're kind of isolated from man-made inventions like commerce and advertising, constant noise and distractions, intense blinking light, loud traffic, events, etc.

You can better focus on who you are and what you do if you're closer to nature.

Cities are overwhelming in that sense. People in cities seem like they are a part of the "matrix."

The education programming really works, and if you stay out of cities for a long time, you can clearly see the difference.

The thinking patterns, activities, self-awareness, and similar things are very different. You can see that people create those social norms (mostly, some authority creates them for people) in cities, and others strictly follow them, and if you don't, it's breaking the pattern and sometimes creating confusion. But maybe it's good exercise for those who are asleep.