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Long story short, at the end of February, I've launched Remote Creators.

A small story behind Remote Creators

Initially, I’ve started working on this project as a job board site back in February 2018 while traveling in Vietnam.

It was paused for some reason I can’t remember, and now it’s back on my work desk.

I have some fresh ideas, and I want to try them here. I’ve already re-wrote the Front-End part and a little bit of the Back-End. So it’s more flexible with delivering the relevant content, and it does it smoother now.

I’ve resumed working on it spontaneously at the end of 2020. Anyway, after two months of working on the core functionality, I'd like to release this beta.

What's Now

Since the first iteration, Remote Creators has more than 100 curated freshest creative and Remote Jobs, the Automated Weekly Newsletter, smart Log in, and tools like Rate Finder. First sign-ins and subscribers this month.


Jobs list

I've designed and built an automation that automatically moderates the job list.

Remote Creative Jobs
Remote Creative Jobs

Fully Automatic Newsletter

The good thing about Remote Creators is that it's fully automatic on its own. I've learned how to run automation on my server then designed a simple Email template and made every part working together.

So Remote Creators gets the latest jobs that it can find, filters them so they are remote and related to design, creates the weekly newsletter using the template I created for it, and sends it on Sunday each weak.

It's not rocket science I know, but I've learned a lot by building this automation. In fact, it was never broken even tho I didn't touch Remote Creators code for a month — every week I see a new email created and sent automatically.

Remote Creators Newsletter
Remote Creators Newsletter

Perhaps this is core functionality, but that's actually not all that Remote Creators has. I went further and developed some informative and worth visiting Tools and areas such as...

Rate Finder

So the Rate Finder tool is actually quite cool!

Since designers doing a commercial activity it makes sense to think about it as a business. That leads to market research and this tool helps to do that in a way of simply peeking at real-world project rates.

The nice part about the Rate Finder is that allows you to understand how other designers charge for their work and it's not empty internet guru words — it's the real data.

Rate Finder
Rate Finder

Remote Companies

This is a simple catalog with remote companies.

Remote Companies
Remote Companies


I've built a content area with a collection of remote work articles for creatives. I'm not the owner of the content.  The goal is to make curious people knowledgeable and use this collection to avoid making mistakes on the remote or freelance that others do over and over again. It's a simple economy of your time.

A collection of articles about remote work
A collection of articles about remote work

This area is also automated. I've coded a robot that selects remote articles and puts all of them in a nice grid. Also, there are some basic filters by tags and a quick search that help you find anything in a more specific way.

and other tools are currently in development.

Behind the scenes

I've designed this project with code and used simple PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS. No frameworks or third-party solutions.

Any feedback is much appreciated

You're very welcome to visit Remote Creators and look around, maybe it will be useful to you or your friends.  

Thanks for reading until the end. That means a lot to me.