High and Low Energies

Written by Max
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What was it? The last record is on Tuesday. It is crazy how "regular" I am with my everyday journaling. At least, I remember about it at the end of the week. So I can try to summarize what happened recently.

Perhaps, I skipped journaling on Wednesday because I felt out of place before the high energies that were coming, and they said it was a solar flare/ magnetic storm. So my head was spinning and in pain like the whole day. Couldn't do much.

Thursday has been better, but I've been recovering anyways. I did some client stuff to catch up on projects and stay in shape.

The same goes for Friday — it felt great, btw. I believe, mainly because the energies on Thursday were high, and everyone seemed to feel this way. It was fantastic to share this kind of energy with everyone. Although not everything went how I thought it would be, that's life. Sometimes we need to embrace challenges and do the best that we can to learn from mistakes.

Schumann Resonance - 26/06
Schumann Resonance - 26/06

I've recently decided to ignore most of the negative energies that are around. It's challenging and sometimes extremely hard to do. Especially when I try to suppress myself in a way. Instead, I choose not to entertain bad things, which is better than blocking them. I admit it happens and try to be honest wIth myself, and I simply do not want to interact with it. 

I believe that way, we prevent ourselves from making those negative thoughts settle in the mind and trap ourselves in negative loops. It's a new thing in a way for me, but I feel like it's a powerful skill once I practice it enough times so I can confidently say it's working. I think it's something that can help manifest a better and faster a better reality for yourself. 

Sometimes, it's not enough to just want something in your life. You need to handle obstacles and negative/stressful situations somehow.

When energies are jumping from lowest to highest and the other way around, I feel like I'm going crazy. I feel great for an hour or two, and suddenly I feel drained, sleepy, demotivated, and like everything is wrong in my life. I've never thought humans are so dependent on the vibrations and frequencies of the planet. 

Spiritual practices are important. I try to step up my game and start practicing more. I just want to make sure I do things in the right way and that it doesn't harm anyone. So going through lots of materials and thoroughly studied topics that I find interesting. It's definitely a new field for me, but I feel it's powerful and make sense to invest my time in it. Especially after learning and experiencing energies around and how they impact things on a global scale. Hopefully, it will teach me something, and I can develop some abilities to help myself and others.

Wherever or whenever we are, it's important to learn who we are and why we are here in this realm.

I'm manifesting the extension of our visas for two more months and then planning a little trip. Hopefully, it will work. I try not to think too much about other alternatives. Will see how it works. My feeling is that whatever happens is best for us.