Merkaba, Atlantis, and Experiments

Written by Max
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We started this day in an unusual way for us. No daily routines... I woke up and picked up the book and read more. I did the same the last evening. Actually, I fell asleep (deep sleep), saw a weird dream, woke up around 10-11 pm, moved to the bedroom, and read again until I fell asleep.

Island vibes
Island vibes

The energy Today is definitely an unusual one. Both of us read and had emotional conversations mostly because we picked up some random books, and those things we were reading about were somewhat related and also related to conversations we had for the past week, even with our friends. Not kidding, we've been chatting about dolphins and ocean life, and just recently, I've been reading about them in the book. So yeah, we've been on fire discussing some of the facts and how everything is connected. Seems like it's important to know, and it's important to learn now for some reason like it might be helpful in the near future or we need to do something that requires to know all of this. It feels like this, and other sources are like pieces of the puzzle. Some things do not resonate, and some seem true and come back in different forms (post, video, book) from time to time. Like, "hey, this is important; you need to know about it."

Perhaps, it's a good state to re-define me again. Because all this information changes the perception about who we are and where we are living, and also what we can potentially do.

Topics to research


Excerpts from the book:

Later, one was done here on Earth in 1913, another one in 1943 (called the Philadelphia Experiment), another one in 1983 (called the Montauk Experiment), and another one that, I believe, they’re attempting to do this year (1993) near Bimini Island

Synthetic Merkaba

What the experiment did was begin to rip open the lower-dimensional levels of the Earth—not the higher ones, but the lower ones... First, this out-of-control Merkaba field released a huge number of lower-dimensional spirits into the Earth’s higher-dimensional planes. These spirits were forced into a world they did not understand or know and were in total fear. They had to live and have bodies, so they went right into people, hundreds of them into each person in Atlantis. The Atlanteans could not stop them from entering their bodies. Finally, almost every person in the world was totally possessed by these beings from another dimension. These spirits were really Earthlings like us, but very different, not coming from this dimensional level. It was a total catastrophe— the biggest catastrophe the Earth has probably ever seen.

This seems very similar to launches of LHC in CERN. Just Today, someone mentioned that they were trying to prevent one in 2015 by a collective meditation.

Bermuda Triangle

There’s an actual building sitting on the ocean floor down there that contains three rotating star- tetrahedral electromagnetic fields superimposed on each other, creating a huge synthetic MerKaBa that stretches out over the ocean and into deep space. This MerKaBa is completely out of control. It’s called the Bermuda Triangle because the apex of one of the tetrahedrons—the stationary one—is sticking up out of the water there.

⚠️ When the faster field rotates counterclockwise (from its source), everything’s okay; but when the faster one moves clockwise (from its source), that’s when time and space distortions happen.


Higher levels of consciousness don’t go along with this “us and them” point of view. There’s only one consciousness moving through all life, and they were trying to get everybody to come back into a state of love and respect for each other.

The only problem was that we couldn’t get back to Christ consciousness by ourselves, at least in a short time. Once we had fallen to this level, it would be a very, very long time before we would be able to come back up naturally.

Earth’s people were about to be subjects of a galactic experimental project in the hope of helping us. We would experiment on ourselves. It wasn’t done by extraterrestrials or anything like that; they simply showed us how to do it. We were given instructions on how to proceed with this experiment, and we actually carried it out. . . successfully.

What about the Sirians? Our helpers honestly believed that we would make it, though they knew it would be close. In fact, they wouldn’t have gotten permission from the Galactic Command to do the experiment if they hadn’t honestly believed we would make it.