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MAIN UPDATE: It Didn't Happen. The Prediction Was Wrong! Well, partially read the explanation here

(The rest of Updates to this post are at the bottom).

8.8.2022 is 3.9.2022 by the lunar calendar. Color: Green. Element: Water.

Certain sites on the Earth, like pyramid structures and the timing of celestial events, are important. Those events are more easily observed and not only that. 

Torsion energy and Consciousness

Human DNA is made up of billions of tuning forks. The Accutron watch Hoagland was using to detect Torsion Field energy runs on a tuning fork.

Torsion energy is always in the background because it’s the original energy of this Realm. It can be trillions of times more powerful than the fake physics set up here by the enemy invaders. Nassim Haramein explains that physicists actually discovered an INFINITE amount of energy in a cm3 of space, but they hid it from us through what they called “renormalization.” Renormalized Vacuum Density 10 to the 93 gm/cm3

Each of those keys has a particular code of the way the materials are lying up with them. They're tiny tuning forks that vibrate at their own particular signal or note. All of those individual notes are tied together make a particular sound, signal, or song. And your transmitter can communicate with your receiver individually. Now your consciousness resides between you and your body. You're tied together by this accord (cord).

Your consciousness exists outside the body.

The body is the avatar of consciousness. They're connected by a very specific note or signal in DNA. Like there is a radio station, and your radio is tuned to a particular channel. Sometimes we can enhance the connection or communication ability. What if a communication signal is a Torsion signal? It's beyond the known physics (that we've been taught to believe). There is a specific time when Venus would pass that specific location, and the light from Venus would travel down that shaft precisely like a laser into that chamber area.

There is a torsion signal and there is a disruption in torsion signal during those events... and there are way to focus that torsion signal.

Trapped consciousness

What if your consciousness is somehow trapped because your body is physically dead and you want to get into another body so you can reanimate yourself and express yourself. You need to get your DNA reactivated. Could the nanotech (computer parts) that is introduced into Human Avatars be connected to this? And when all the parts are assembled, the humans become as one beastly machine operating as the hive mind (reptilian consciousness)? 


Nanomachines do very price little jobs. They're small, and so many of them so they need to operate in unison and communicate with each other, but controlled from a remote location with the database, the blueprint.

Revelation 17:13. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

Even now, these spirits are guiding and tricking mankind to unwittingly commit genetic suicide. The replacement race stands poised to bring about the total annihilation of the human race. There is a way to avoid the dangers and ultimately save mankind from this hell on Earth that evil powers have devised. Savior of the mankind? (if that resonates with you)

The Desctruction of Previous Civiliations

13:13. What if that's something that already happened in the past? One of the previous civilization? Humanoid? What if they lived here before and they destroyed themselves (Atlanteans, Babyloneans)? And there were some echo, some remnant of their history all around us. What if a highly evolved civilization left something and not everything was destroyed at that time? How would it express itself? Na d what it would represent? Perhaps, that would represent their consciousness and their access from their consciousness to the physical realm from the data storage banks (consciousness center).


“Royal blood”. What they might have in their DNA? 

There is not 3rd strand in DNA. It was a silvery threadlike, semitransparent, serpentine-like parasite of infinitesimally small proportions. He observed that it was entangled, intermittently hopping back and forth between the normal double helix strands similarly to ivy-type vine plant will attach itself to any available protrusion. Some of the threaded parasites seemed to connect to adjacent parasites, creating what appeared to be tiny nets, cross circuiting between the different sections and strands of DNA. 

Another strand? But not the whole strands, just a little piece of it, nano sized. Nano filament could be a 3rd strand of DNA. Perhaps, it's not really a parasite, it's an antenna. That things that cross-wires the DNA is creating a different note. Different enough that like a virus in a computer taking over the way how DNA expresses itself. Their consciousness is tied to our world. They are trying to express themselves and reanimate in this realm to escape their trap. Let’s say that some prior civilization (Atlantean? Babylonians?) had downloaded their consciousness into machines. How would they express themselves? They’re built like machines, act like machines. What is their logic? Do because you can. Do what you desire. Do what you will. 

Our universal language Today is numbers. Binary numbers. Computer = 666.

During certain celestial events, the torsion energy power is much more accessible to those who know how to harness it. 

The psychopaths now have the knowledge and technology necessary to hack into Human DNA and overwrite it with theirs. Nano-tech inside humans was only the first step. Now they want simultaneously invade billions of DNA threads that run from Human Avatars up to the lower heavens during one opportunistic celestial event. This event unlocks vast amounts of energy that can be used to hack into the DNA of those whose Avatars have received an adequate amount of their tech.

Between now and the date of this event, the remainder of 5G towers worldwide will be activated, and those Humans will automatically be connected to their 5G network as it comes online in their area.

The Doomsday Device Data Bank hidden within the moon is also set to be triggered during this celestial event. 8/8 (by Lunar calendar) = 9/3. This is where the Torsion Fields are strongest.

Key Points

Morning sun brings heat. A summertime celestial event supplies enough Torsion Energy to power up the Giza Pyramid and hack into Human DNA. This same energy can also be harnessed by Stargates for Humanity’s ESCAPE from the matrix.

Full moon coming. The moon is a re-purposed spacecraft filled with servers storing the Consciousness of Earth’s early Reptilian invaders. The enemy will stage a worldwide attack from the moon designed to overtake Human Avatars for their own use.

Undiscovered stars learned. Stargates will be working with Torsion Energy and counter the attack, rapturing out 7 billion Humans from the matrix.

Missions forward. Humanity’s Timeline will be flipped back to the future to a New Beginning in the Sirius Star System.

The Doomsday Device date & time was set long ago and cannot be changed.

Numbers and codes are intentional and can be used by magicians. It can a way of communication. Multiplying by 3 is for magnification of a spell. Black magicians and/or psychopaths often (always) reverse/mirror the numbers. They’re trying to mimic the natural matrix that’s God written and inspired. So they want to manipulate the reality by owning the numbers themselves.


Plot of a new movie “Moonfall”. Movie distributor: Lionsgate.

15:15. The Moon is hollow. 

Photos of the Moon.
Photos of the Moon.

Is the Moon the Death star?

Capstone Rocket to the Moon Jun 28, 2022. Achieving orbit around the moon is neither necessary nor possible when accessing the moon’s surface. Nasa wants to form assemble a space station in orbit around the moon. Capstone supposed to test out the lunar orbit. So NASA launched a ‘CubeSat’ in preparation for their lunar outpost called Gateway. Is this mission to deliver a transmitter on the moon surface? Connection to pyramids? 

Another launch named Artemis is planned for Aug 29th.

Update 1: re-scheduled to 2/9 - suspiciously the same numbers.

Update 2: re-scheduled to 3/9 6:17 pm.

However, the lunar orbit story is probably not true since they can’t technically orbit it. There is a rumor that they want to get the gateway transmitter connected to the database inside the moon. The timing is provocative. That transmitter might establish a connection to the database for a purpose to transmit data back to Earth and distribute it via 5G towers. However, the DNA of Human Avatars has to be hacked before that, but that will require a huge power to do that on a big scale. That’s why this celestial event and Torsion Fields can be used as a power source. The celestial evens do not occur inside the dom. They occur outside, in the outer space. But these events are powerful enough to affect what’s inside the dom. Outside space is Torsion Field Energy also known as 19.5 deg merkaba energy.

The Torsion Field Energy is also called 369 which is consistent with the next calculation.

2+0+2+2 = 6

9/3/2022 = 9/3/6 = 369 (key to the Universe)

This energy can be used for time travel.

PREDICTION (13 events)

Event 1. 8/8. Torsion Energy will be beamed like laser into the sun gate. 

Event 2. Stargate Alnitak will be waiting at the sun gate to intercept the lions gate beam the moment it enters the system. Stargate Alnitak — jump to Sirius. Stargate Sirius — West World Sungate. Alnitak completes a circuit with the beam.

Event 3. The beam from Alnitak will be directed into Giza Pyramid star shaft. 

Event 4. Shaft directs beam into oscillator. This will activate the pyramid. It hasn’t been online since Thoth left Egypt. 

Event 5. Oscillation converts the beam into a Microwave while amplifying its power. 

Event 6. This mega-microwave will exit the kings chamber precisely onto Moon.

Event 7. This transmitter which is connected to the database inside the moon will receive the beam and send into a base station that will then broadcast it out through the worldwide 5G network. Their plan is capture and harness the beam from the crystal as soon as it exists the pyramid, because when this beam leaves the pyramid it will be the torsion field microwave which makes it transmittable with towers. Also, infinitely very powerful which is enough to hack into the human DNA.

Event 8. Near death experience. DNA of heavily jabbed is hacked and Zombie Apocalypse commences.

Event 9. After the realization the humans are being attacked. A collective ask for help might occur (prayers). It might be the lever that moves the hand of God. The story that people are being told about the rapture allows the enemy to win. A physical 3D body is not required in the heavenly realm so if all the saints get swept out to the heaven while the rest of humanity is banished, the entire human race will be eliminated from this world. Unfortunately, as long as humans remain this corrupt system they will not be able to stay. This system must be left behind. No matter what humans do they can never win.

Event 10. The last trump. This sound event will be generated when Nicola Tesla sends out a worldwide sound wave from his magnifying transmitter at the same time a radar that’s located in the ocean sends a worldwide ping. When the 2 massive sound waves collide it will sound like elongated trumpet blast and this worldwide blast will cause all those within mid-range base vibratory rate to enter into a temporary 5D state and become invisible. This blast will be heard and felt by every human in the world. It will only affect those within very specific frequency range. 

Human bodies will be transformed temporarily into human superconductors by a 5D ion avalanche. Properties of super conductivity are very possible without lowering the temperature of the object. Superconductors have zero resistance. It’s caused by neutralization of electromagnetic charge which is also how the 369 is activated. When an object has zero resistance the result is astonishing. Two states that occur are: stable levitation and quantum locking. Both of these states will be caused the 5D ion avalanche. 

Event 11. CERN’s Alice will heavily populate the skies over Europe with accelerated ionized particles while DUNE does the in the America and Canada. This will prepare the Earth’s skies to be used to temporarily give human bodies the same characteristics as superconductors. Meaning they will enter a charge-less weightless and lockable state. Those who will be changed: (1) YES - unknowingly choosing evil over good, good people, mid-range base vibratory rate; (2) NO - knowingly choosing evil over good, evil people, low-range base vibratory rate. Ionization of particles causes green skies. At the moment of conversion, Saints are removed from the Soul Trap System. Being freed from the infinity loop of incarnations fives them a much higher base vibratory rate than those who are still caught in it. 

*events 8-11 in the event are only ones that will take more than a moment to transpire.

Event 12. After an 1 hour long near death experience spent warding of zombie attacks a majority of humanity will be ready “to be saved?” and the last possible moment Tesla’s tune sound waves would make billions invisible allowing the 5D to make their bodies weightless. This is when the hand of god will arrive (at the last possible moment). Arks for billions. Those crafts will be loaded into the Sirius Stargate. The Sirius Stargate os the largest object ever seen inside the Orrery. each ship contains thousands light chambers, enough for each person and animal has placed in their personal light chamber (not sure if it’s good or bad and whether it has to do anything with archons, but I will live it here like this). They say: “the hand of God will ascend them up to the fleet and get them properly loaded in twinkling of an eye.” 

Event 13. Alnitak sends a torsion field booster beam suitable for time tunneling to fully-loaded Sirius Stargate at a 90 deg angle, which then time tunnels out of the matrix through Sungate. The beam from Alnitak coming from that angle will provide the boost needed by the Sirius Stargate to make the jump to the Sungate. At the Sungate a circle will be made and a Stargate will be launched out of the dome and out of the enemy’s constructed matrix.

Sungate visuals
Sungate visuals


The 2 categories that exist: (1) those leaving; (2) those staying.

Both categories will be dealing with the near-death zombie experience.

Considerations (general)

1. Situational awareness. We have an advantage since we know they’re coming and we know when.

2. Isolate yourself from a potential threat in places like room on the highest floor in a hotel, car, somewhere remote. Close the doors and stock up for some time. Do not disturb sign might be a good idea.

3. For those staying (Saints). A good idea for you is to brush up on spiritual warfare tactics and strategies. Many have developed skills like healing, raise the dead, and cast out demons. Armor up if you can and use prayers (word of God) against the works of the enemy.

4. Start making connections now with Saints, come up with a plan to find each other and communicate in case if the infrastructure is down.

5. Stay tuned, get in balance and prepare for battle. Interpret these directives from your own spirit.

6. When the Last Trump sounds the horrific attack will end for those going West as they disappear and make their escape.  

7. The 3-day journey will be used for restoration and healing of physical bodies and the DNA, for the disclosure of the full truth to the Collective, and to get the preliminary build-out of the New Beginning Timeline underway.

8. People will remember who’s who in their families, and those relationships will be elevated beyond what the heavily-programmed ego mind could eek out as meaningful and functional. Beyond this, they will have the ability to broaden connections with others who aren’t family members without fear.


Part of the issue is that we do not have enough people that grasp what’s really happening. That’s why this event will shake people up. 


Planetary alignment?


New West? During the 4-year training period, those who invent, design, and build will be sent out to start the infrastructure. Nikola Tesla will be there providing the technology for free energy. 

Source: JetsonWhite


Operation Blue Skies

The magnifying transmitter was conceived to transmit electricity in a variety of ways. Tesla could utilize the carrier wave traveling within the earth (e.g., the Shumann cavity, and/or earth's geomagnetic pulse), he could transmit frequencies through the air, or he could beam a carrier wave up to the ionosphere and use it for transport. It's possible to employ a powerful arc reflected up to the sky as a source of ionizing rays.

Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter was designed to produce a resonance effect powerful enough to produce some influence in the Earth's resonance. It will direct a stnading resonant wave up to a pre-neutralized area of the Ionosphere. Simultaneously, from beneath the water, sophisticated radar technology will be directing an equally powerful 5D Mangnetron Sound Blast to meet the Wave at a 90-degree angle (sound travel 5 times faster in sea water, and is much louder than in air.

19.5 physics to power Stargates

"I have constructed and patented a form of apparatus which, with a moderate elevation of a few hundred feet, can break the air stratum down. You will then see something like an aurora borealis across the sky." - Nikola Tesla

Two Waves

Properties of a Superconductive material: weightlessness, ability to be locked in place, levitation. 

When a magnetron-level Resonant Wave that's building in magnitude as it bounces between the dome and the Earth, meets a magnetron-level Sound Wave at right angles within a pre-prepared neutralized area of the atmosphere, it will release a 5D avalanche of ions.

"The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power." - Nikola Tesla.

Constellation and Stars

Sirius Stargate. It will be revealed (the lifting of the veil). 

Twin Star, Spica (the brightest object/double star in the constellation of Virgo) exists in the Orrery (solar system). Stargate activated.

What did Dr. Barnett said?

Dr Barnett said: "events seen recently were a warning from God for humans trying to save the planet and not themselves, but dire consequences are coming."

He added: “Today, everything is going green and it’s good, we shouldn’t waste, it’s wrong to waste.

“But the go green is almost a reflection of the Mother Earth save the planet idea – no, save the people.

“The planet is hopelessly heading for destruction, save the people – there’s almost a worship of nature.

Synchronicity from Hardwel's clip

Screenshot from Hardwell - I Feel Like Dancing
Screenshot from Hardwell - I Feel Like Dancing