Reinventing myself

Written by Max
, tagged as #freelance

I didn't blog for a while, and I have a reason for this, but I'm now living this nomadic life and ready to share some of the insights.

Everyone can do anything. We just need to start doing what we want and planned a long time ago, but we didn't start moving things from ToDo to Done. All the things that come between ToDo and Done are bullshit. We just need to ignore it.

What about inspiration, creative state, and all this stuff? These are the things that you shouldn't care about until you start making actual progress.

I can guarantee you that you'll find the inspiration and come up with ideas during the work process. If not, then something is wrong with you. I know I was there, and if personal issues keep bothering you, then you need to make it a full-time job and resolve them. Because this kind of thing can make everything worth it, and if you don't resolve them for a long time, it gets harder and harder to do it.

Currently, I'm looking for a way to clean up my schedule to fit in my book and product that I was hoping to finish until the middle of this summer, but I couldn't make it because of personal stuff. I was looking for a reason why my productivity dropped.

I went on sabbatical for a month and traveled through the Thai islands. I was looking for something. I wanted to change my lifestyle.

I was looking for a way to reinvent myself. I analyzed what I was doing for the past several years. What results do I have? Where is this road leads me to? I saw and continue seeing different people and their lifestyles during the trip.

This is a vibrant experience, especially in Asian countries, because you can meet people from anywhere around the world. Since everything here is different, you often go out of your comfort zone and see how other nomads and travelers do the same.

It's something similar to the reset button. But it doesn't happen in several weeks. After a couple of weeks, I was hoping to feel differently and enjoy the rest of the sabbatical in a more relaxed state. I was wrong, and I started to feel chilled after one month. I didn't expect to feel so differently.

It's like being under pressure and having all your muscles tensed for a long time. So they feel like a rock, and anything you try to stop the constant tension and anxiety doesn't work. That's the moment when you understand why you should be different and why you shouldn't stop reinventing yourself.

Humans are not robots, and we need changes all the time to feel alive. To bring more to this world, we need to start from ourselves.

Blogging is a game-changer.

Long story short, I decided to start over and share more personal experiences in design, traveling, and nomadic life.

I believe it will help me systematize everything that happens, and I want to share it so it will be useful for people.