Soul and Mind

Written by Max
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The mind has a will but cannot control intention (purpose).

The soul is capable of tuning it to “external intention (purpose)” in the quantum field.

You need to achieve unity of mind and soul to tune in to the quantum field and specific “external intention”.

Everyone and everything has a soul

Everybody understands what’s been done with a soul and what’s not.

When you know your true purpose and you truly know what you’re doing you can create amazing things, masterpieces. This is how true art is born.

You can graduate as an artist or a designer and create technically correct illustrations and designs, but that doesn’t help you to create a true masterpiece that people are happy to discover and experience.

Sometimes people say: “There is something in it…”. That’s a good sign and potentially it could be a masterpiece if not already. What is the secret ingredient that makes it a masterpiece? Sometimes it’s hard to explain, but some critics and collectors try to do it and they find or create a lot of explanations. Oftentimes, it’s hard to explain what’s unique about it, but you can feel or experience it instead. It has a soul.

You might have a strange feeling when you see first a smile of Buddha. It represents many things like bliss, joy, and eternity maybe because it reminds me of something forgotten a long time ago. Something like a sense of unity with the nature and universe.

What a soul can do that a mind can't

A soul can feel a wind and is capable of surfing different frequencies (possibilities) in the quantum field. The mind is capable of focusing on a specific frequency. A will is an attribute of consciousness.

As a result of colossal efforts, the mind can achieve impressive results in the physical realm, but it can’t get access to the quantum field and abundance of possibilities.

The mind is too distracted and too far from accessing all those possibilities nowadays. However, it’s still possible to re-learn and train yourself to do so.

First thing first, you need to start listening to what your soul wants and try to sync your mind with it so you can find some kind of balance and unity.

The mind receives information through the prism of templates and reality perception. The soul gets knowledge straight from the quantum field (information field) without analysis of this information.

Ideally, the will of your mind and the direction of your soul should be in sync, unified. If everything is done right and you feel like it’s going in the right direction, then you can achieve your goal really fast without a doubt.

We are being manipulated through our minds

Manipulative entities and organizations (pendulums) want you to be mediocre, tiny limited detail in its huge corporate mechanism.

The Matrix becomes your enemy if you wake up and are ready to face the truth

Bad entities always wanted to control people, and we live in a time where they have power and control mechanisms that start impacting us from our childhood. Fortunately, they can't control our souls yet, but they try to control us by controlling our minds.

The birth certificate is just a start

Ever since you are born and get a birth certificate you are a citizen of a country you were born in (in most cases). Rules are applied from the very beginning.

Education system

People that surround you, the education system, and almost everything around are trying to teach you through your mind to do things the way someone wants you to live and do things. And most of the time nobody teaches you really important things about you, your nature and how everything works in this world. They teach you to use logic and ignore intuition, ignore your soul, like it's never reliable and non-essential.

Fit in society

Do you know expressions like "fit in society" or "the best fit for a job position"? The matrix system is always trying to put you in a cell you can fit in too keep everything in order. Again, they can't do it with your soul, but they can do it through your mind. Sometimes, when you think about this from a different perspective it feels like you owe something to everyone. The short version is that we don't owe anything to anyone. Let me explain it a bit more in details.

Serving to others, not the system

In general, human beings are good for serving to other people. However, we do our best when it comes naturally, when we want to help and serve others. It's impossible to achieve the same effect through logic, fear, lies, and orders.

For example, If I want to help and I feel like it's the right thing to do, I'll help and I'll do the best I can. Like with this article. I wouldn't spend my energy and time on typing these words and thinking about how to best express ideas and experiences that I went through myself if somebody would tell me exactly what to write about and how to do it.

Time is irrelevant

They want us to believe that we have to do things according to a schedule (usually 9-to-5) and not when we feel it's the best time to do it. They want us to celebrate at specifc dates. They want us to have a very limited amount of our free time (1-2 days in the end of a week) and even then we've got a lot of distractions. They are keeping us busy all the time with the issues we don't want to deal with and often we don't have to (i.e. paperwork, bureaucratic processes, check-ins, etc). All this possible to do by interacting with our minds and using the logic.

Suppression of the soul

Soul is higlhy underrated and suppressed in many ways these days. That's wrong, that's unhealty. We need to change it.

It's harder and harder for people to dream about something. And I think that's a real issue. Imagine a world where the majority of people have dreams and they come to realization in one form or another. I believe everyone will be happier and our world would be abundant.

I've catched myself so many times that when I start dreaming about something I instantly receive a push back from my mind. I've ignored it for some time, and suddenly I realized that it's not healthy at all. 

Everytime this happens it's like a resistance inside you and you're trying to suppress yourself, usually, for not a good reason. Also, I've realized that most of the resistance that comes from my mind doesn't sound like me and that's something that has been inherited from my parents, relatives, partially friends, classmates and so on.

Overtime, I understood that mind is not everything and my soul is wiser and much more experienced. I'm still learning tho.

The truth will set you free

Self-realization and the truth of who we really are is bad news for these entities. A human being who’s free and self-sustainable will not spend any energy or attention on these entities.

This means they will seize to exist if humanity wakes up and realizes that we can live and thrive on our own. That’s why the education system (culture, religion, fake history, fake science, fake knowledge) is so immersive in the early years of human being development.

The purpose of this system is to grow (educate) resources for itself. Think about Matrix and using people as batteries. Matrix prefers loyal, compliant followers and dislikes and tries to eliminate those who play by their own rules.

Connections with the physical realm

At some point it makes sense to learn to interact with the physical world, people, animals, and nature. We need to somehow understand each other, and it’s natural to live in communities, trade goods, and services, help each other, and enjoy events and activities.

Figure out what you're capable of

Sometimes those who are breaking community rules and social norms are becoming losers or outcasts. However, everything should have a balance, and rules that are too strict or benefit just one side are creating limits and suppressing individuality. That’s probably the main reason why most people can’t identify their true selves, what they want to do, what they are capable of, what they really like, and what they want to try and experience in their lives.

You are a creator whether you know it or not

You can create unbelievable things, and art masterpieces, discover unimaginable things and achieve great results in business and sports. You only need to listen to your higher self, your soul. If you do that, you can get access to unlimited possibilities.

All masterpieces communicate in the language of souls. Oftentimes, you can’t understand what you see or hear, but you can experience and feel it with your soul. On the other side, the mind can assemble something from old parts that are known and have been used somewhere else, but that will not impress anyone, including you. The mind can create a copy, but the soul can create original art or item.

The soul doesn't have a logic

Your soul maybe wants something or it wants to do something, but it never gives you conditions, rules, or constraints. Remember the time where you've been a kid and wanted a toy or a candy? Did you think about how to get it, where to earn money, or what words to use to ask for it? I believe, the answer is obvious.

The mind, on the other hand, usually finds limitations and overwhelmed with rules and conditions of how to get something, how much does it cost, how much assets will remain, and suprisingly the mind tries to understand if you'd be happy and if the whole thing is worthwhile. This where a dream potentially becomes buried under all those excuse that your mind could think about.

Should everything be in order?

The most common excuse is that everything in the world should be logical and clear, without any surprises. 

It's very common, the older we get the higher the division between our soul and mind. Overtime, we create new layers of information on top of each other in our neocortex area of the brain. And if so, it's inevitable we overwhelm ourselves with all kinds of rules and restrictions so that's almost impossible to hear anything from the soul. Or if it's not that bad a huge database of rules slamp every even tiny attempt from your soul to dream about something. That's when, how they say "you become grown up".

Do not grow up

Please, don't grow up! Try to re-call those moments and what you felt when you wanted something in your life and you just didn't know any excuses or rules because you were yong and unexperienced. I bet you had those moments... That was magical, right?

I'll explain how I understand the true way of dreaming about something and you decide whether it resonates  with you or not. Try thinking about it in a positive way and accept this in your reality and if you're consistent with your feelings then somehow you'll get what you want sooner or later. The more you train yourself to dream like this, the shorter time is needed. Some people can naturally manifest faster than others, some need to train (re-educate) themselves to clear the mind and fully allow this dreaming process to be done by soul.

You need to learn to allow yourself to be who you want, do what you want, get things you want.

Your mind is best to navigate and interact with the physical (material) world and your soul is wise and have access to abundance of information and possibilities. If these two are synced and able to collaborate you can achieve anything. The unity is the key to success.

Figure out what you really want and your true purpose

Most people don't even think about what they really want because they don't have any free time. Everyone and everything around constantly trying to grab our attention any second.

People are busy throughout the day for many reasons like work, kids, family, home errands, news, TV, social media. However, we need to have some "me" time to let the soul express itself.

Otherwise, we'll be stuck in our daily loop until a possibility of change will present itself. That might never happen unless something global will happen and... Honestly, that's not the best way to change your life.

Go back in time for a moment

When you find a time I'd suggest to go back in time when you were very young and still haven't decided what to do in your life. Think about what you were excited about at that time. Where did you spend your time the most? Playing with other kids? Did you like drawing, playing music, singing, building sand castles, playing with toys, assembling something from construction toys, asking too many questions, being happy in the nature, spending time with parents while they were doing something specific? Ask yourself what of those things you still like? Do you still like to draw? Creating or playing music? Building (constructing) something or spending time in the backyard?

What do you really want?

Think about what do you really want. And when you ask yourself this, don't think about money and time. Those are man made and your soul doesn't understand it anyways. Also, ignore thoughts about what other might think about your goal or achievement. And as I mentioned before, don't think how you achieve it and how much time and resources you need. That's what your mind do and it maybe useful later in the process. 

When you can think purely what you really want and nothing else matters at that moment and you feel like it's the right thing to do, have, or experience in your life then it's truly coming from your soul. As soon as you know or get an idea of what you want It's important to recognize you feelings.

What do you feel?

Imagine that you've achieved what you want. What feelings do you have about it? Are you happy? Or something feels wrong? Perhaps, this is not really what your soul wants if you're unsure about your feelings whether it's positive or negative.

You might have a feeling of inner comfort and that's how you know that your soul and mind are in sync. Otherwise, you might feel like something is wrong and that's not your true path. It might seem like you're moving in the wrong direction and you have a heavy feeling inside.

When you understand what's wrong and what is the reason that creates your discomfort then it's related to your mind. Your mind knows what scares you, what are you worrying about, etc. In this case you, can rely on your mind to resolve the issues you know about. However, when the discomfort comes from your soul then it might be hard to realize what is the actual issue. Maybe, it's harder for us to resolve issues on the soul level because we don't always recognize our feelings the right way. That's why it's always blurry and we need to better read the signs and messages that comes from our souls.

If your soul and your mind want different things

It might be confusing when you mind is trying to tell you that everything is alright and there is nothing to worry about, but your soul is the opposite and you have a weird feeling like something is out of place. The best we can do in this situation is to focus and observe your feelings. Otherwise, you'll keep ignoring your real issues that truly deserve your attention, first of all, for your well-being. Also, it impacts other people that you're surrounded with. You can think about your intuition. Everybody has it, but most of the people prefer to ignore it. I believe listening to your intuition is a crucial part of self-awareness. And we desperately, need more conscious people in our world.

Sometimes, it feels like we don't want anything and usually that's a sign that our energy is low. If that's the case, you might want to monitor and take care of your health. Sometimes you need to treat yourself on multiple levels, on physical and spiritual. Since everything is connected and if you do something on the physical level it might be reflected on the spiritual level as well. Take care of your health and you'll raise your energy. You might have a lot of beautiful ideas and things you want to do if your energy is high.

Also, it might be possible that your mind is almost fully controls your soul and restricts any attempt to play even a little role in your life. However, there are situations in life where we have to prioritize things and act according to a situation. Your might not like it, but this discomfort might be temporary. Although, I think we need to be aware of that and use the best strategy we can and mitigate possible risks.

Don't listen to anyone who tell you that you need to change yourself in order to succeed in your life. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Seek for answers inside, ask your soul. You might change yourself as a result, but that's more a calibration according to true you. This should come from your soul (higher self), not your mind.

You will feel a sense of unity and harmony if the goal you choose is good for both your soul and your mind.