Spiral Energy Encounter And Updates

Written by Max
, tagged as #journal

09:09. My mind was a mess in the morning. A bit of running and walking on the nature, stretching, and short meditation helped. Breathing is important. Inhale fresh, new, positive energies. Exhale old, stagnant, negative energies.

It's frustrating why my experiment with the vault yesterday felt so negative and it's even echoed on this morning. Maybe it's what I need to concentrate now. There are easier ways of storing information for the purposes that I need it. I shouldn't put everything online. Perhaps some physics copies will be sufficient.

I need to concentrate on finishing up what's already working and concentrate more on the spiritual teachings. Do not start new projects now.



11:11. Seems like I'm on the right path. The dream I saw a couple days ago is connected to this information.

Two spirals going in opposite directions meet at some point creating a spark (light) — change of polarity?

Piano scale can explain the chakras and frequencies relation. Also, the symbolism of the heart with a keyhole in the center and a key above it on the photos from Northern Ireland (see entry from Yesterday). I think it's all connected.

Ankh is the key. As the tuning fork at the bottom end vibrates, this energy is normally dissipated very quickly. But if you place an ankh at the top end, the energy seems to wrap around back into the rod, moving downward as it returns, thereby sustaining the energy. "Using it without a top piece, I struck the tun- ing fork and timed how long it would vibrate. Then I screwed on the ankh and struck the tuning fork again. With the ankh on top, the rod vibrated almost three times longer." This is the key to why the Egyptians performed the particular sexual practices. If the sexual energy were guided by consciousness to move into die "ankh" conduit, it would come back into the spine and continue to resonate and vibrate. The life-force energy was not lost. In actual experience, it seems to increase the energy. 

Went to the market Today and partially that was a mistake. Traffic is a mess lately for no good reason. Things just got worse in terms of awareness and the amount of cars on the road. Sometimes it's too much to take. So many accidents/almost accidents... it was never like this before. Even tho nothing bad really happens the energy is strange in general when you commute from point A to point B. And that's not a good energy. It shouldn't be such a struggle. If only people have a little bit more attention and awareness of what is happening around then it would definitely change things for the better. I'm talking about simple things of being aware of other vehicles, looking at mirrors from time to time, sharing road with others. Simple things like that. I'm not talking about complex rules etc. I think a complexity like this wouldn't help in this case. So yeah, it's hard to be relaxed on the road these days.

Also, the sky is dirty like maybe the whole month already. I believe chemtrails are causing that. I saw some pictures from other places and the sky here look very similar now. It's crazy that they're doing it here, but yeah, they never ask people, never tell what they do whether it's a weather modification or something else. It's highly unlikely that they need to block the sun above the island. I don't see a point in it. Not much is being grown on the island. This is not the main thing here. I think they're just poisoning people with chemicals and/or metals. So they can justify this scam that's going on for more than two years already or the next phase of it. I believe, they're still scaring people with something on the news. More of masked up beings around now than in previous month. And that's even I no longer pay attention this that much as before. It's just hard to completely ignore sh*t like this. 

Nevertheless, I've been thinking today if things go much worse than that here we might need to find some quiet, close to the nature place elsewhere. And we need to be as self-sustainable as possible. Of course, now is not the best time to move somewhere, but if it will be critical and dangerous to our health then we will not have other choice. Otherwise, we won't be able to proceed with our teachings and figuring out what productive we could do to make a change in this world. Of course, if that what we need to do. I'm still thinking about the mountains, but I don't know yet a location that would work for us taking into account the travel experience there and how long we can stay there without being bothered.