Spiritual Work and Esoteric Knowledge

Written by Max
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I always forget or don't have time for journaling, but I'm back to it again.

The main question remains. Who we are? Where are we from? What do we do here?

The more I learn about different spiritual/esoteric things, the more I understand how the universe works. Even tho it gets confusing at times, that's temporarily, and I think necessary. Like it's our natural response to new, shocking information.

It takes time to learn new things, but oftentimes you want to know everything and right now. However, our realm has limitations, or our physical form has blockages that prevent us from learning and understanding things simultaneously. Also, a lot of information is false, and its main purpose is to deceive and control.

So it's a lot of work powering through all these layers of wrong to find the truth. Two things that help: the law of consistency and resonance.

Sun halo
Sun halo

I've been thinking about ritual work and related to its concepts and teachings for the past month, and however I try to understand it and step into it from different angles, it never fully resonates with me for some reason. The main aspect that repels me from it is that it comes from Qabalah or that most things are translated from Hebrew. 

I have a stronger feeling about the Runes and Sigils tho. So far I couldn't see any harm in it. Although I like the graphic interpretation of ideas and stories. Like every rune has a deep meaning, and stories bind to it. It explains why runes carry certain energies, and it's easier to believe in that than in imaginary concepts that do not explain things and just tell you to follow them.

Maybe MerKaBa is the answer.

Here are some of the notes/comments I found Today:

(1) The sun is in conjunction with the star Sirius every July 4th! Esoterically the star Sirius is our spiritual sun! The star Sirius was greatly revered by the Egyptians! The divine spark of the sacred fire, from the halls of the blue flame! The star Sirius also lines up with Orionā€˜s belt! The flight of Isis!

(2) Everything is astrology! Satan is Saturn! We are in the age of Aquarius! Earth has moved into the light! We have been under the rule of Saturn for 2000 years! Jesus is the sun! Rome and the Vatican have been brainwashing the masses and sacrificing children! Along with the queen and the city of London! Dark to light!