The Forgotten (Forbidden) Technologies That Could Change Our World

Written by Max
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I've been digging for unreleased to the public (or not popular) and forgotten technologies and found out some interesting technologies that could change the world we live in now.

Some people say that we're at least 100 years behind of technological progress that we could achieve simply because we concentrate too much on other things rather than alternative energy sources and related to its technologies.

Clearly, the main focus is not there, and it results in the mining of finite resources of our planet, disrupting our nature and harming our environment.

I was enormously surprised to uncover some of the inventions that might change how we procure energy and use it without emptying our planet's resources.

So this is the list of inventions that I found:

Abundant Alternative Energy Source

Nikola Tesla was fascinated by radiant energy and its free-energy possibilities.

The main feature of the cosmic rays is their constancy. Meaning it's available any time, day and night. Most importantly, there is a high probability that it's abundant.

"The cosmic ray ionizes the air. setting free many charges ions and electrons."

Nikola created a concept of the energy receiver, which shows that static electricity obtained from the air can be converted into a usable form.

His patent refers to the sun and other sources of radiant energy.

Tesla announced that his discovery could displace fuel in driving machinery. This means that coal, oil, gas, and other well-known fuels could be obsolete.

Vibrational Healing Device

Another great discovery of Nikola Tesla was focused on how vibrations could be used to reorganized the body structure.

"Vibrational medicine works at a deep, cellular level where molecular properties are being changed by vibrations." — June Leslie Weider

Everything in the universe is constantly vibrating but with its own unique frequency.

Some modern studies prove that vibrational healing with the use of sound works.

Experiments conducted by physicist Bruce Tainio showed that a healthy human body resonates at between 62-70 Mhz and if the frequency drops below 58Hz, the immune system becomes compromised, which leads to diseases.

Optimal frequency can be changed by chemical, physical, mental, or emotional causes (aspects/factors).

Studies have shown that vibrational medicine can cure cancer.

Sound sessions can reduce stress and anxiety.

Vibrational therapy has been used to increase the bone density of astronauts.

Some recent studies even show that vibration therapy can help people with Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's patients with thinking and memory.

Antigravity Devices

Using this technology, we could build flying vehicles that are weightless on the Earth's atmosphere. It allows making propulsion and transport of heavy objects much easier.

The elderly and handicapped could "float around" without trouble.

As far as I know, we already have this technology, both man-made and reverse-engineered from UFO, but since it's a controversial topic, it's quite hard to be 100% sure due to lack of facts and real working propulsions systems and other devices.

John Hutchinson is a genius that created his own antigravity technology by using high-frequency alternating current and magnets.

Nikola Tesla created multiple antigravity devices that could float through thin air on their own.

Water-Powered Engine

Stan Mayer's invention promised a revolution in the car industry and perhaps everywhere where we have engines.

He's built a car that worked that ran on any kind of water (including saltwater).

This water-powered engine was the result of 20 years of research and hard work (patent:

If this invention went through further development, we'd possibly have non-polluting vehicles that could be easily refueled almost everywhere from the tap or even a natural water source.

Final words

I think we need to pay more attention to our nature and how things work in the first place. Moreover, it might be helpful to know how things work in space and how everything is connected so we could easily explore other interplanetary technologies and possibilities.

We could copy some fascinating discoveries, set experiments, and implement these concepts in truly revolutionary devices and machines that might make our lives easier without harming our planet and maybe other planets as well.

Until humans take an active interest and stop supporting old and harmful technologies, our progress will be slow.

(I'll be adding more examples to this post later)