There Is No War in Ukraine, Or Is It?

Written by Max
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I know that for some people it's hard to comprehend this, but bear with me for at least a couple of minutes and I'll show you what might be the real issue.

This conflict (operation) that’s going on in Ukraine right now is clearly tied to the west. I mean the deep part of it.

Retrospectively, Russia and Ukraine have many things in common and there is no a legitimate reason to fight each other. Basically, both countries are neighbors, people are look alike, share the same genes, similar culture, values, world view, the majority speaks the same language. I’m writing this because I have a deep knowledge, and friends from both countries.

I know it’s hard to believe, and I understand why. It’s a lot of politics involved in this, foreign money, western media (including media in Ukraine). All bought with the same money, one narrative and almost no independent opinions. 

Social media platforms are highly suppressed and control the narrative as well. 

The plandemic has prepared the ground for it. So most people don’t know what actually is going on in the world right now. The good news more people wake up and search for alternative sources, search for the truth.

The shocking fact that just came up is that plandemic or future plandemics might be related to what’s happening in Ukraine right now.

There is an information about location of bio labs in Ukraine. Coincidentally, the locations are the same that were bombed (keep reading and I’ll show you the maps and more evidence). The official version is that there are military and/or ammunition warehouses, but before you assume that it’s another conspiracy theory (a general western excuse), look at this:

Bombing and biolabs location along with the document that's from one of the labs
Bombing and biolabs location along with the document that's from one of the labs

...and here is a video frame from the footage where soldiers (probably in Ukraine) burn a lot of documents. Question... why would they do it and why is it a high priority now?

The next tweet and account were suspended for some reason. This is how media "works" these days:

Burning documents (evidence) near an intelligence building
Burning documents (evidence) near an intelligence building

I wouldn’t be surprised that this "military operation" has prevented the world from another plandemic, more serious this time.

Another version that came up in alternative sources is that these labs tied to another filthy dark side activities that related to bio engineering of dangerous or even lethal viruses. Also, they could store lethal pathogens.

I’m not 100% sure in that only because I haven't seen these labs with my own eyes, but those things that came up within these two days are shockingly consistent. There are a few articles and documents that can be found online (some in archives) and they prove this version.

They call it "Biological Threat Reduction Program", but we already know that working on viruses and storing them in the facilities creates a possibility of leaks and we already had one recently in Wuhan. In fact, some articles support that some of those labs in Ukraine also had leaks and more than once. Luckily, nothing serious until now.

Here are some of the cuts from a forum post I found:

Screenshots from ATS (Above Top Secret)
Screenshots from ATS (Above Top Secret)

I wouldn't be surprised that those labs are connected with the NWO mafia that want to enslave all the people in the world. Who knows what they were doing there.

Article screenshots from
Article screenshots from

...and another one:

Article from
Article from

Some of it is consistent with other things that are happening in the world right now (coverups, resignations, level of deception, propaganda, satanic rituals, the list goes on).

Someone said: “There are no coincidences” and almost every new fact that comes up for the past year proves this.

There is no reason to fight unless we clearly understand who is the enemy and what it does to humanity around the world.

It’s important now to search for independent points of views.

You don’t have to trust me. Do you own research, find information sources outside mainstream media, Twitter and Facebook. The later is not worth your attention (just a waste of time and distractions).

Don’t know where to start? There is a golden rule that works really well. Follow the money and you’ll find out as much as you’d be surprised in certain things.

We must learn to take control over our lives, protect ourselves and those who resonate with you. I also believe that there are two sides behind the scenes fighting for the future of our human race. The dark side wants to create the New World Order under one world government, and light side that oppose this totalitarian, technocrat, nightmare of a future.

The problem is this conflict in Ukraine serves both sides. The evil wants to crash the economy as one of the next steps in their agenda for their Great Reset. The war is one of the best ways to do so. The good side needs to carry our a clean up operation to destroy the bioweapon labs, seize military bases, seize energy assets and disrupt the massive cash-flow that goes through Ukraine.

I hope that everything will go smoothly and these objectives will be reached. It's always bad to see and hear about casualties and I wish it was resolved in a non-conflict way, simply by sharing information and negotiations as much as it's necessary. But sometimes, things like this impossible, and bad things are happening.

Mainstream Media creates a huge panic in general public as never before. Unfortunately, the war propaganda seems working for those who sleepwalking and don't realize what's really going on in this realm. That's sad, but here we are an we need to change it...

I don't use social media much and honestly have a small following. Please share this article with everyone you think it's worth to share it with. The more people know the more will be awaken. That will change everything!