Time To Wake Up And Face The Reality

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I was never interested in politics, but after the events that happened for the past two years starting from 2020 it’s been quite overwhelming and seems like politics is the source of all what is happening in the world right now. I went a little bit further and found out that politics is just a tip of the iceberg and the true darkness is deeper than that. Keep reading and I'll try to explain.

I've made my research and now writing about it as from the independent subjective point of view. I hope it will be helpful and inspire anyone to do the right thing (choice) or maybe even change the course of the history if it’s in your power (even locally).

We all know that politicians now govern the countries in most parts of the world. Early in the days it was royal families, military, churches. At least that is the official version.

It goes deep, really deep, starting from the fact that we, the people, hire politicians and outsource our responsibilities to them and we never wanted them to control our lives, resources, activities... but perhaps that should be a separate article.

Let’s take a look at the recent events from a different perspective. 

Plandemic is just a start, the plan was much bigger

A relatively small and wealthy group of people organized through politics the so called plandemic. They set up new rules like mandatory masks, curfews, lockdowns, experimental injections, concentration camps (a la quarantine facilities), digital passports etc. 

Digital ID and modern slavery

In many countries they’ve already implemented digital ID and it basically, serves as an access to everything (most of it was actually accessible without identification). Meaning, it’s now becoming easy for governments that implemented(ing) digital id to trace your activities and even block or deny you from using some of the services or even enter buildings because your code isn’t valid for such things. To put it simply, they can block you from going to work, going shopping (in some places even in supermarkets), and there are rumors that they can block you from using your own money in the bank (freeze the assets).

Nobody truly cares about your health except you

They’re trying to implement and coerce people to accept the new system with any possible tools and influence techniques they have. There are so many lies and manipulation in media right now as never before. And I strongly believe that this is not about your health and the health of others.

The good news is that the last word is ours and it stays this way until we give out all our freedoms. And we simply need to be aware of things like that and where it’s coming from to make the right choice for you, your children, and the future of our human race. 

This evil group of people pushing new social rules, fake laws, and then laughing of sheeple that wearing masks all the time and comply with all other measures like perfect slaves. Only this is already a big win for them. 

Nobody in the known history of humanity could shut all the people in the world both physically (with masks) and mentally (cancel culture, bans, censorship).

And now think about the level of disdain this evil organization have when they think about people in general.

In the shadow

The main issue is that they play in the shadow and set up puppet governments and politicians to push their agenda. They keep themselves invisible to the public. They have all the money, they control all the media in the world, they buy governments and opinions.

The whole world is suffering and it’s so because it’s corrupt and many countries and people sold their freedoms to this mafia.

It’s even so surprising how they could set things out and buy so much politicians and control the narrative worldwide. Perhaps, they have planned this for many years, maybe hundreds of years.

The main part of their agenda always was the depopulation. The less people in the world the easier it’s to control for them.

Georgia Guide Stones https://flic.kr/p/5nVos
Georgia Guide Stones https://flic.kr/p/5nVos

Experimental Injection Is Not a Vaccine

This is what they were doing with these experimental injections. Because it’s a known fact (perhaps outside MSM) that with every injection or booster shot the the natural immunity is decreasing and it weakens the natural body defense system.

Just look at those side effects that Pfizer has been hiding from everyone. There is 9 pages of side-effects (very small font-size and no spacing whatsoever).

Link to PDF

This is easy to proof with the statistics. There is always a spike in countries that has the highest percentage of inoculations. The more of this the more illnesses in the statistics. And it’s not only now. It’s pretty much related to every epidemics or a disease spread in a certain area.

Data from ourworldindata.org
Data from ourworldindata.org

Even the Spanish flu in 1918 was a hoax. They’ve been doing experimental injections and people who took it died from the heavy form of flu.

Mass vaccination - Influenza 1918 (Spanish Flu)
Mass vaccination - Influenza 1918 (Spanish Flu)

Only the vaccinated died — read details in this article.

Sadly, the whole medical industry as we know it cause a lot of harm to humanity. The so called medicine form big pharma companies make people sick and the worst part is that people don’t realize that it’s coming from the pills that suppose to treat illnesses. But mostly they treat the body response and it doesn’t fix the cause of the illness.

The big pharma issue is a long topic. Maybe I’ll get back to it later. It’s just a part of the craziness that’s going on in the world right now.

Masks is another issue and I've already wrote about it.

Do you know that they build “quarantine” camps?

Image from 9news.com.au - aerial view of Guangzhou International Health Station
Image from 9news.com.au - aerial view of Guangzhou International Health Station

Do you think it’s for your own safety or safety of the people surrounding you? And what about the new laws about the mass burials, and forcible evacuation? Don’t you think that all these things related?

Do not comply

The good news is that there are still people who do not comply. Some people remember about the past repressions and genocide. Some people haven’t had a certain brainwashing level and I believe the genetics is a strong reason for that. Some people just know deep in their hearts that this is all wrong, and they don’t need to have an explanation, they just sense it. Maybe because of a strong intuition or even something supernatural.

This fascism has to stop

This fascism that’s happening in the world with population segregation doesn’t lead to something good. And the earlier you know about it the better it for you and the whole world. It’s not the first time in the history when we start to see some restrictions and some people can, for example, go to cafes or restaurants and others banned from the entrance.

The people's choice

This is not about one person or a system that can stop all of it. This choice belongs to the people. Those who are woken up and about to wake up can make the difference.   This is what this evil group of people is afraid most of all, us the people.

As soon as enough people wake up and resist all of this BS that governments and global leaders pushing for the past two years and counting, the sooner we have peace in our world. The problem is those psychopaths know about it and they start to create more troubles for humanity. For example, lifting travel bans, and various restrictions, and the next we see is they strike again with a new variant or an outbreak, war, a panic like in Ukraine, and cut another deal under the table, in order to strike back later.

So they might make Digital IDs mandatory, see the response from the general public (think about protests, social media response) and then they might remove this mandate for a further development as an example. It might look like a win for people, but it’s only temporarily.

We need to pay attention to such things and use the magic word "No" more often.

Living in illusions

Some people prefer to live in illusions and they don’t want to know the truth, just because it’s easier for them this way. It’s a bizarre and unnatural, but the answer lies somewhere close to laziness because if you want to know the truth you need to be ready to challenge your belief system. Usually, it consumes a lot of energy and causes frustration (temporary), but if you really want to know the truth you have to overcome it and many people don’t want to do that. Moreover, they’re gonna fight for what they already know even if this information is completely wrong and causing harm to them and their community.


The dangerous part is that these people misinform other people around and for some people it’s enough to hear an opinion of a friend or even from an acquaintance (not a complete stranger) to be influenced with the wrong information.

The Mainstream Media and Social Media are perfect tools to spread information on masses. Unfortunately, all these mass channels mostly belong to bad people and they control what information is visible and appreciated by people.

And it’s not a new thing… MSM technology is used against people pretty much from 1960s. The only difference now, and I think a big upgrade (for them), is that almost anyone in the world carrying in the pocket a mini TV (smartphone) that constantly feeds people with the content that this shadow group of people wants. By the way, if you think about the word TV or Television you can see that it consists from two words: “Tell” a “Vision”. That’s pretty much self-explanatory.

Common Reality vs. Individual Reality

As you can imagine, they are able to control the narrative and basically create the reality they want with the majority of people that believe in this narrative. There is a hope…

Everyone can have his layer of reality that’s slightly different from the common reality that the majority of people are living in. That means you can see things differently, not only what’s on the surface, but also what’s behind it. 

Some people have a good intuition or even the sixth sense active. Some people are open to other opinions and always learn something, and when you see some rays of light like this article, or a redpilling video it can impact your reality, of course if you accept something from the new knowledge even for a time being.

The problem is that the common reality that was artificially created by the ruling class is accepted by majority of people and it’s hard to convince this majority by a small amount of individuals.

Nevertheless it’s possible!

In times like this, when the situation is critical and there is a real danger of depopulation, dictatorship, and hard mode slavery it’s almost impossible to sit quietly and comply with all this BS and wait when it will end. It’s not gonna end until those of us who woken up do something!

What To Do

Learn more about the enemies of humanity and what’s their agenda. That’s our primary  responsibility to know as much as possible about someone who wants to destroy us and our families or cause any harm even if mild. Knowledge is power and can be used in many ways.

Find your platform and start talking about what you know, share with your community the information you’ve found, share info with friends and relatives.

Create groups or start channels where you can gather likeminded people and gain a collective power, for example, to fight with mandates at least on local level. Of course, as much as possible in a peaceful way. So this activity do not harm anyone, but actually has a positive dynamic. 

Remember, we the people decide what reality we want and how we want to live our lives. You don’t have to use force, that’s an evil method. Although sometimes it’s necessary, but it’s the last measure, I think. Negotiate, stand your ground, lead by an example and inspire others.


Inspiration is a powerful thing. It only requires you to share the truth in a positive way. You don’t always have to explain anything. Sometimes, you just need to share your experience, share emotions, and those who resonate with it will follow. 

This article is my contribution to the great awakening that I believe will happen very soon.

Thanks for reading to the end! Please share this article so more people wake up.