We Are Living In The Matrix

Written by Max
, tagged as #journal

Reptilian races are predators, or rather parasitical, as they are no longer able to generate enough life force to sustain their own biological bodies, or sustain their souls in the astral realms. So, they need to absorb the life energy of other living beings, and on planet Earth, this is humans.

The net is part of the artificial manipulation of the many layers of Earth's subtle energy system, usually called the matrix, a reference to the movie the Matrix, as this energy matrix is also tied in with the manifestation of consciousness on this planet, and thus is of primary importance to humans. Earth has many levels in her matrix. The matrix is comprised of many levels of geometric lines of energy, encompassing the planet.

These energy grids can be manipulated, both by humans themselves or by other beings like extraterrestrial races, for good or for bad. World leaders have always manipulated certain energy grids in a negative way in order to have control of the population, in the distant past and in the present. 

Physical matter is not solid. Physical molecules and atoms are actually wave-packages of energy as it explained in quantum physics. Physicality is just another energy-state. Energy waves can be manipulated easily if you understand the nature of the waves and know how to interact with them. Change them and physicality will change. 

"As above so below."

Change on one level will bring change on other levels too. Change on one of the levels will also bring change in the consciousness of the beings living on that planet.

Once you have advanced technology you can manipulate the matrix levels of an entire planet, and everything that lives on it, on an automatic basis.

The subconscious contains the driving forces in our daily lives. Only in very recent times have humans begun waking up to and becoming conscious of what is going on. 


There has been a lot going on our solar system in the distant past. The Moon plays a key role. The Moon is not natural to Earth. Our Moon is way too big in relation to the size of planet Earth. It is also way to close, its slow rotation resulting in always facing the same side to Earth is also highly unnatural. Large artificial structures have been photographed on its surface, showing it once was inhabited. Its inhabitants probably lived in large enclosed domes. Or maybe it once had an atmosphere. Psychics and remote viewers have seen large underground structures inside the Moon. In other words, the Moon once had been brought to Earth from somewhere else. Maybe it was placed there by the Draco, a negatively orientated race of Reptilian consciousness. Also, maybe, the Moon was a hyper dimensional ship whose sole purpose was to travel the galaxy through the various dimensions looking for newly forming planets which could house life. And there is a high probability that this Moon technology is responsible for the constant mind-manipulation of humanity.

“... the Moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer ... The energy from the Moon has been beaming electromagnetic frequencies onto the Earth for aeons now to maintain the two-stranded DNA [it is said to have been twelve- stranded before the genetic hijack."

"... Earth must be owned by those who dwell there; however it is not. You have outside gods, creator energies, who prevent you, as a species, from having free rein with your kundalini."

"The Moon’s programs have for aeons been of great limitation toward human beings... There are repetitive cycles that the Moon creates, to which you respond.”

From Remote Viewing session

"... The grid is made up of etheric, vibratory, distorted mind concepts, as we pass through the barrier these are automatically inserted and we wake up in an incarnation often with no memory of who we really are... I noticed that when I was above this grid, if you like, I was fully aware of who I was on the higher levels, however the moment I passed through the barrier I would for only a brief moment lose consciousness, when I regained consciousness a second later and was inside the matrix or grid, I no longer could feel the truth of who I am on the higher levels, and negative and self-defeating thoughts would once more come into my mind."

"...in outer space just beyond the earth. Thats how I started remembering past lives."

"I was able to space travel and on many occasions left this solar system and traveled different parts of this galaxy. This all came to an abrupt end when I started high-school and lost focus on all my other worldly pleasures."

11:11. Memories outside one of the bands around the Earth. Lions gate is important, but is it really this year or perhaps in 2024 (8/8/8)?

Life outside suppression and limitations is mysterious, beautiful and glorious.

It's exciting to live and experience different things and states. I mean true experiences that not related to external like consumerism, false believes, and influences. I have a feeling that this is what the real existence is, whether it's happening in physical bodies or outside this realm. The latter knowledge that comes to me through books, synchronicities, and even dreams can be overwhelming and depressing at first, but after some time it starts to feel liberating to know that and most importantly when it resonates with you.

Learning about life on Earth and experiencing it would be useful if we didn't lose our memories after each life time. But it doesn't matter what we learn over here as long as everything gets erased after each reincarnation and we have to relearn everything from scratch over and over again in an endless loop. Earth is a prison planet camouflaged as a 'cosmic school'. This whole matrix is designed to drain our energy, wipe our memories over and over again and keep us trapped.


The real salvation is not coming from the parasitic entities who pretend to be our creators, it is coming from ourselves. we have to become aware of what actually awaits us when we die so we can use our free will to put an end to this vicious reincarnation cycle. The real, powerful, infinite, creator God (not a legions one) is already within you. And we don't need to give our power away to anybody. The more you expand your awareness the easier you can see through the lies and deceit of the social and religious programming that we've all been through one way or another. 

This universe (this matrix realm) is one big food chain and we're not on top of it like we are taught we are.