Wisdom and My Notes from “Rays of Light”

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I've recently read the book "Rays of Light", and I was impressed so much that I re-read specific parts a couple times more and even wrote some notes on it. It's about us as a race, about the world, universe, and how everything is connected. I think it's necessary to share this knowledge with everyone. Only this can make our world so much better. Stay tuned and read till the end to know more, or pick up the original copy, — read and try to understand it. It really worthwhile.

More than material world

The world doesn’t resolve around money. It resolves around love and givingness. The only two emotions that exist in the universe are love and fear.  Hate, anger, and others are not emotions. Hate originates in fear so does the anger. 

Whoever hates you is simply afraid of you, of your power and your knowledge, because they don’t know how to cope with it and are not capable of reaching your level. 


You’re more than flesh and blood. You’re a special soul. 

We are all one and it’s sad that most souls nowadays desire to live in a world with differences between people and coming down to compromises through war.

Most of people don’t understand things you might understand because they’re too limited in their own way.

The soul understands what the mind cannot perceive. 

Your soul knows everything. It’s a bout a time you realize that. 

The subconscious mind is the natural intelligence of the body. It has the natural basis and natural instincts for Healing and Surviving and of course, for self-preservation. The subconscious mind is one of the levels of which the soul is comprised. The level of soul, which is called “the subconscious mind”, is what expresses the “world of action”. The subconscious mind is primarily interested in preserving our body and our EGO as opposed to the spirit.

The spirit wishes to expand our horizons to teach us and allow us to grow while simultaneously advancing others with us. The spirit is more fluid than the subconscious mind. The higher the fluidity of the spirit, the higher the soul is. 

Our soul allows us to feel free without external influences. The soul provides us with the freedom of choice to choose our life and our process according to our inner depth and the fluidity within our spirit and soul that takes us to the highest place that we have always wanted to get to. The higher our soul reach, the more fulfilled, complete, peaceful, authentic, happy, and living our lives will be, full of Eternal Lift forever and ever.

Our soul, our subconscious mind, our body and our spirit continuously transmit energy, positive or negative, to our surroundings. When we transmit positive energy, everybody wishes to be around us. Naturally, when the opposite energy exists, the results you receive will be opposite.

Remember that everything we do has its impact, whether it’s by speech or by action and we lose or gain and contribute only to ourselves and to our surroundings so choose wisely.

If you don’t understand the foundation of your soul, others will fail to understand you.

Everything happens and will happen for a purpose. There are no coincidences, Everything is connected to all, including souls.

Everything happens for a reason

What will happen is what needs to happen, and whatever will be will be. 

There is no negative or positive, this is simply a different path. 

Your brain might be willing to listen to your soul. This is entirely your choice.

You always wish to shorten the process. However, you need to understand that there is a reason for everything.

Everything has its reason. At this stage, you’re not suppose to know it all. However, once your raise to the appropriate level through your actions, you will be able to receive it all without a help.

Nobody has a right, whoever he might be, to use higher/divine powers for non-sacred purposes.

It is all in your hands. Go your own way and may you be successful with it.

There is no a such thing as an accident, nor there any such thing as a coincidence.


It’s simply a matter of choice. If you wish to know more you need to learn more. 

Your opinion is your choice.

I feel like I’m on the top of the world and cannot wait for every new day to discover more and learn more. 

Do not suppress what you do, rather express yourself in whatever way feels true and good for you and don’t feel guilty for feeling pleasure. Alway try to reach the TOP.

Putting yourself first doesn’t imply to be selfish, but rather being self-aware.

You’re 3D (three dimensional) - body, mind, soul. Most people only use their bodies, and after the age of 25, even the mind is neglected. The soul is ignored by most people from day one. Nobody reads, nobody writes, nobody learns or teaches. Nobody is nurturing the body or the soul. Nobody expands their horizons. They’re all stuck in front of their TV’s and computers, feeding their brains and souls with rubbish and impurity. You sit in front of the TV and they tell you “stop thinking”, “don’t think”, “how to think”, “when to think”… And if somebody to try to think for themselves and explore, the reaction is: “This is not your job”. The new generation cannot write or read, let alone do any thinking, and is descending to the deepest levels of darkness right in front of our eyes. And we blindly continue to buy more and more tech instead of investing in pens and books. We all watch TV and leave the most important decisions in life to our “distinguished” (“respected”) leaders. Nobody read books (that really teach anyting) anymore. Everything is about the body: “Give me food”, “give me clothes”, “touch my body” and “keep it young because I want to live forever”. People want leaders to tell them when to sleep, when to work, breathe, sit, stand, or even die. They even tell people what kind of sex is healthy and legal. All of a sudden we realize our free choice was taken away from us, our natural gift is gone. No one asks “to succeed in what?”. Imagine your success when “greed” no longer poisons your mind.

Start learning. Very few know how to use their body and mind simultaneously, and very few barely even reach 10% of their capacity. Even fewer can use all 3 dimensions (body, mind, soul). You can and you shall reach 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional power.

If you really studied and learned from the day you were born, you would be at a much higher level today. People often like to cheat themselves. Lazy and brave, however, afraid of the truth. 

You can go crazy with a specific type of learning (i.e. magic). Since approximately 1500 they’ve stopped teaching/learning it, except for a handful of capable individuals.

These scripts are just a small portion of the total equation. Watch, observe and examine each fact and every piece of information you have ever received as a a type of different gate that leads to a different world. You may call them “gates of wisdom “.

All you have to do to connect to Eternal Light is to remain truthful to your subconscious, which you know is the truth, because your soul knows everything. You are not independent and you’re an inseparable part of the whole, which is the eternal light. It power and essence are only subject to unconditional love and givingness. 

Most of the population is not ready to commit to learning. Once they do choose to learn, they learn unimportant information which surely will not lead us to the gate of eternity. 

Multidimensional Being

1D — you deal only with the body, and most of all, money, sex, power, possessions, self-confidence, success, and most of all, food.

2D — you deal with society, self-creation, thoughts and creating them, ideas, innovations, and self-development.

3D — right now (update: probably it’s closer to 4D now), you’re at 3rd dimension creating inner balance. You deal more with matters of your soul, soul identity, life purpose, widening your soul’s horizons, your destiny.

You’re now reaching the completion of your 3D (probably 4D now). There is no reason why you can’t reach 7D (or even 11D). You only need to choose to do it.


The universe is a continuous creation, and we call it life and we allocate time for it, a time which does not exist. 

Many groups of people believe that suffering is a part of the process of the universe. They believe they have chosen suffering for themselves because they’re weak.

Your world, Earth, and the Universe as a whole, stand before a new era that may cause a great revolution according to your understanding.

Many things may occur that you may perceive as a negative experience.

Each soul has the right to choose their own personal process.

Be sure, after everything and despite everything, all will be good with no wars and no diseases, just as you always dream and fantasize.

During your life you learn what your soul already knows so that the mind begins to remember.

Preserve your present moment, do your calculations and preserve your body and soul. Learn in order to help yourself, your family, your children, and the whole universe. 

Don’t be arrogant and don’t crave power.

We are all one unit and United. Everything and everyone is connected to everyone, everyone alive, plant life, the inanimate, the souls and spirit, and all are created and creating the Eternal Light though the Eternal Light. 


Everything in your life is a message. 

What is the best to is what feels true too you. Thoughts are not feelings, rather they are ideas of how you are suppose to feel. Once you find you truth, you will be able to truly live it. You shall do it through whatever suits you - good deeds, meditation, reading, studying, writing, whatever enables you to keep continuous connections with your with your spirituality, with your eternal light.

You need to choose what resonates with you and ignore the rest.

Most people in the world are satisfied with the existing situation. This is why the world is not changing. 

Most nations choose to ignore the problem, when the disease (corruption, greed, division, competition) spreads, no one understands why the suffering. We need higher and elevated souls to awaken the lower and less evolved souls, so one day we can reach true peace. 


There is no time, there is only NOW. All happened, happens and will happen is in the NOW. The only difference is that you’re experiencing it now so its new for you, but not for your soul. What you are writing now has already been written, only you’re experiencing it right now. 

If you fly with a fast enough plane, you could arrive earlier than the time you left. 

Time is space.

Time does not exist. But for you to understand, there were also other methods, just as there are today.

Big things happened and will continue to happen. Whatever already happened, will happen and what will happen already happened and there is nothing new under the sun. Things always change according to our perfomance. It is all up to use and you shall stop living in a state of “the world of lies”.

There is no past, present, future. There is only the NOW and it is navigated by the Eternal Light for eternity.

Society and Unity

Competition is considered a good thing, winner gets the glory, and everyone else are considered losers. Such a system creates poverty, killing, murder, hunger and crime, because the weak have no way out. Most people use the word “weak” for everything different from them or their beliefs (different religion, social, economic, and political views). We are all one and we must all take care of everyone. As long as there is one hungry soul in Africa, or a wounded soul in Iraq, or a sick soul in India, none of us will have a complete peace of mind. 

We live in a society that forbids us many good things. 

You feel especially guilty that has to do with bodily pleasures. It’s ok to love yourself. In fact, it’s your duty. However, you should not be addicted to anything. Truly love whatever you desire as long as you do not hurt others, but don’t fall into addition - not to money, not to success, not to power, not to sex, only to love and givingness.

Choose to love more, give more, admire more, be better than yesterday, know more and know why.

Choose more success that can provide more help, choose understanding, wisdom, intelligence and knowledge.

Most human beings cannot accept and understand what you have experienced. And, perhaps, you still lack the knowledge, or the power to cope and try to explain the truth as you know it. They’re capable of translating this truth as a lie and go against you.

It’s your right to refuse to host anyone in your house or, better yet, you don’t need to go out of your way to make a stay pleasant if it’s unacceptable to you. However, it has to be done with your partner’s consent.

Live and let live, respect other ways of living.

Everything is connected to everything.

You with your deeds, intentions and words choose that.

Once you’re in need your immediately ruin the relationship.

Words change you and others

The power of speech, the power of the word, the power of the letter, the power of the curse, the power of the blessing, praise, and slander. 

Stop cursing or insulting.

You have the option to choose holiness - using blessing, or impurity through cursing and foul language.

Learn to get rid of the impurities, and you will be walking the right path. You refuse to learn and accept the truth. The truth frightens you. You’re afraid to discover how high you can reach in this world because it’s responsibility can be unbearably heavy. You can implement everything if you choose to love more.

Whatever direction you choose fill it with complete love and givingness just as you know how and you shall always be better today, more giving and more loving than yesterday. Always aspire for more and, of course, I mean on the spiritual level. 

Once you have gathered experience and knowledge, you will be able to reach “the high way of life”. 

Pay attention to your level of anger. Watch your mouth and keep away from impurity. Try to engage in your spirituality, and of course, do not insult people, only bless them, quietly is okay as well. Be happy always, and peace will inhabit your heart.

You must be cautious regarding what you let come out of your mouth. 

You may explain your point of view, but peacefully, from your soul, without insulting anyone.


If you take care of your digestive system, it will take care of all other systems in your and your body as a whole. Keep your nutrition healthy, clean and pure. Stay way from forbidden foods, such as man-made foods, or anything from the animals and nurture yourself with whole, rich plant based foods.

The honey is the natural food made by bees.

The water in your house is not natural, but due to the global situation, there is not much choice at the moment. Its much better if you have access to natural pure water such as river or a stream. Keep your faith and strengthen yourself in order to strengthen others, as you always have. Set a good example to your children and those who surround you because you have high influential powers.

The best nutrition is to eat vegan. However, if you choose to contaminate the soul and harm your body and spirit by destroying animals or supporting evil and greedy people, then the holy light teaches you to do so through damage control. Humanity will completely change, as a species, if everyone chooses to become vegan - less pollution, fewer wars, more love, more givingness, and more spirituality. Hunger will disappear from the face of the earth, and maybe then the true justice will prevail.

First humans were vegans, but something has changed and as a result we choose to satisfy our desires.

Why is cancer so prevalent for the past 100 years? — the filth is in the air, the water and the food. Everything is fake, nothing is natural and genuine. Everything is made of chemical substances. Your body cannot contain this load, nor can the universe. 

Evil in our world

It is a fact. Evil forces are running the world, and they are searching for power and control through corruption.

Keep delving into and learning the various conspiracy issues because you can bring about a significant change to the world. However, make sure you never cease to spread the knowledge you have acquired because only through learning humanity can end evil. The evil forces want the people to be under their control turning them into modern slaves, by withholding essential information from them in order to keep them ignorant. That is the primary purpose for inventing TV. The method is relatively simple: problem, reaction, solution.

Example. They create an artificial problem such as 9/11. We call it terror. The people react to it fiercely and demand a reaction and solution to the problem that the new enemy represents, and the “rulers” provide a solution to that problem, but the answer will be always on account of nation’s freedom and money. Everyone agrees without noticing their sacrifice of liberty, choices, powers, and all the money, in turn for their “enlightened” ruler’s possibility of bringing forth peace and quiet. This has been in place for thousands of years. This is the reason for wars, for hunger, for the current global economic collapse, diseases, cultural problems, religion and fear. 

The day will come and this animal holocaust will come to an end.

This is wrong slaughtering of an animal, a perfect creation of the creator, raising it in torturous conditions, and slaughtering through torture, although done in the most ethical way possible in order to prevent suffering for no justified reason. This teaches our kids violence. It allows them to understand that an animal is not a creature of life rather a creature of death. It is allowed to enslave the animal, torture it, slaughter it, and inject chemical substances into its body under pretext of protecting animals and humans. This impurity and filth is used to feed our bodies.

Dead nutrition will bring death upon your body.

The money and greed are currently in control.

Example. Coca-Cola is a poisonous drink which not only harms the body, but lowers our souls, and corrupts our spirituality.

The pollution is far worse than you could imagine. 


Air pollution, nutrition, health, diseases, wars, politics, religion, — everything is connected. Follow the money trail.

Get rid of the money if you can.

Problem. Most people tend to hide things. Money is regarded as the most private domain, and that’s precisely where the problem begins. If we all knew about everything about each person’s financial status, evil and corrupt could no longer exist. First, a vast revolution would take place as the world has never experienced before. But ultimately, it would bring unity, trust, faith, and complete equality. It’s impossible until it’s easy to hide money and assets as it is now. As long as the possibility of hiding your money exists the truth will be hidden. It’s often so the different people can have a different (not equal) compensation for the same job because they have differences like location, skin color, sex, color of eyes, and so on. Once money become transparent there will be more equality. 

Solution. Get rid of all currencies and create a new system that functions on credit and debit only, if you create something you will be credited. If you’ve been credited, you will have to create in return. Everything is out there open and transparent, everyone can see everybody’s financial information (transactions). Imagine each company posts two prices: sales price and purchase price. Each purchase price will offset 10% for the world’s administration and its services to the population, with no income tax or time-consuming paperwork. 

The private person will enjoy the fruits of their abilities in line with their ability and contribution to the general public. People can still become rich if they wish to, but there is no need in such a society for there to be poor or hungry people. You may have a bigger or a more beautiful house, but everybody will have a home. Everybody’s account will be in credit and not in debt. An enlightened and just society that is righteous and honest to all humanity, including animals.

Transparency is a synonym of truth and with truth, complete freedom will arrive.. We are currently all modern slaves to money, to the economy, to the state, to the government, and of course, to banks. One transparent universal bank, and the problem is solved. At the same time your spiritual space remains private. 

Golden age

A world with complete honesty, accompanied by unconditional love and unconditional givingness, being good to others and only wanting to wish them well without manipulation.

Honest people live without stress. Everyone will be healthier in both body and soul. They will be happier, no longer needing medications to calm their soul, move their bodies, or control their pains. Every house has a medicine cabinet to treat various problems that arise from our impure and deceitful way of life.

Everything begins with an idea, thought, speech, or action that brings upon changes. You only need to have more faith in yourself and things will change much faster than you imagine. It is possible to turn material or physical things into spiritual ones which will provide everybody, including yourself, a purpose for life and a truth that will release everyone from their chains of enslavement.

Stop worrying about what others may think of you and whether they will believe you or not. The truth is the truth. It requires no proof or verification. It simply exists. The question is what each human being chooses to see. 

Your True Path

As long as you are stuck with other people’s image of you, sane or insane, liar or truth-teller, you will not be able to live a life of true freedom and you will never be in control of your spirit, soul, or physical body. Look at all the businessmen around you and see that the richer they are thee poorer their soul is and they do not really know how to enjoy anything. They have everything, but they have nothing. Most of them live false lives and lie both themselves and to others. As time passes, their lies become their truth. But lies will always lead to sadness and depression.

You shouldn’t not know your mission before coming to this world. However, we might have endless possibilities and even determined paths in advance, but theres is no point to know all of it ahead of time.

Everything happens for a reason. 

Remember though, the ultimate purpose is to come as close as possible to the eternal light.

There is no such things as right or wrong. Only that which doesn’t serve you, or which doesn’t resonate with you, or reflect your true inner self. Guilt and fear keep you stuck in something that you are not. 

Enlightenment and awareness, not guilt. Guilt and fear are like poison to the soul. They prevent your growth and eventually kill you. Guilt and fear are your enemies. Love and enlightenment are your only friends.

You never supposed to feel guilty.

Be careful, but not a coward.

Love will help you flourish. 

Learn to deal with the unknown through learning. Physical pain is not such a terrible thing, it is there to teach you.

Only the NOW exists. 

Life cycle and Natural Processes

When you born, it is not the beginning of anything, rather a continuation of the eternal creation, which is in fact some sort of circle. Each of us has his own circle that is a continuation of what already was and will be at a later stage. As human beings, it’s easier for us to deal with a straight light because it appears more realistic to us than a circle. Also, a straight line has a beginning and the end.

Mourning emanates from self-love. If all human beings new the truth about the other worlds, they would have a smile on their faces during the funeral.

There were other forms of life here that eradicated themselves. A human race with very advanced technology, so advanced that it took over them and ruled their lives. They began worshiping technology that they themselves created. Once you have a technology with no preliminary or progressive thinking, you’re bound to self destruction, and we here on earth are not very far from such a scenario.

Human beings have reached unimaginable advanced technologies that you cannot even comprehend and built a world that you cannot even begin to understand.  Today the world is advancing, step by step, towards a point where a technological evolution surpassing it’s spiritual development. 

The moment we do not know how to operate with this new technology is the moment it will bring mass destruction. 

It happened more than once.

A society is considered primitive or advanced according to how it fulfills its highest levels of comprehension. If you have reached a high levels of comprehension but failed to implement them, you cause destruction. Once we have built technology that enables nuclear power but fail to control it or harness it for a positive technology or energy, this brought the destruction.

Motors, houses, computers, furniture, chemicals, medical therapies that function against natural processes - it will bring on self- destruction through harming the body, the soul, the environment, and the whole universe. All these things damage natural sources and once they are damaged, the entire world is damaged. 

A circle signifies the gate of possibilities, the straight lines represents the general reality. The straight world (line) has specific points along its line which are called “spheres” (levels). The straight line has a very clear starting and ending points with a structure pointing upwards and downwards. In the process of moving upwards and downwards, we pass through the spheres. It’s easier for us humans to deal with the straight line.

We all affect creation as a whole and each person or soul we encounter. We always leave a certain mark with a certain impression on the other, some less, some more. This is the process of “sealing” (making an impression or a mark on someone).

Connecting to the “sealing” process is a process that can change the past through present actions and turn negative into positive.

Creation process can affect the whole cosmic process, but in order to influence our own Creation process, we must first begin with a thought, VISION and remain faithful to the goal, and connect to the inspirational power that influenced us.

Less energy, less joy and happiness, hence less love. An absolute unification exists when our inner feelings are expressed by our external actions.

Choice and opportunities 

One good action can be more powerful and pure than all the good thoughts and feelings.

We always have a choice, or freedom of choice, to experience life in a positive way. In effect, we will understand that what seems like an obstacle is actually a reality or multiple opportunities for an eternal greatness of spirituality or we can surrender ourselves to life and consider every event as a spiritual layer that covers the truth and prevents us from moving forward. 

Another options is that we shall live life with access to advanced and advancing knowledge of unification and we can then experience life as a completely open experience, free of limitation of love and full of deeds within the soul and the subconscious mind.

General Wisdom and Thoughts

You don’t accept things you do not wish to hear, besides, your soul knows all the answers. You just wish to continue living in the lower worlds.

Dreams are sometimes just a dream; amusement for the soul.

Each scream contaminates your soul.

Punishment is a term invented in the lowest of all worlds.

Do what you love, love what you do. You need to understand that doing anything without love (and true giving) will kill nobody, but will also get you nowhere.

How do you give true love? The ways are endless. By good deeds, by charity, by loving and caring for others, by taking care of the body such as health and prayer, working for the sake of others, sacrificing for the sake of others be it food, medicine, money, prayer. Any way you choose is a good way. You can choose one or all, as long as it is done out of love and a true sense of giving.

Do you really need a proof? Nobody needs proof. You wish to have proof for yourself only because you don't believe it yourself. Whoever is supposed to receive the messages will immediately believe them, since they will know you are speaking the truth.

I didn’t say you should. I recommended. You decide what is best.

Try to learn as much as possible. It will bring you to the highest places. Choose to grow with others. Choose to love others. Improve your sirituality. Take care of your soul (spirit) and your health. Let your soul express itself, and do not be afraid of what others may think of you. Your soul knows everything, and that is the most important of all. Open your eyes and know the depth of your soul. Keep helping and support others to the best of your ability.

Credits: Jason Shurka, "Ray" and The Light System (TLS)