Feature 4. Automatic Newsletter.Every part of the newsletter mechanism exclusively created inside the Remote Creators platform. So no 3rd-party services involvedStable and fully automatic Email Newsletter now has the subscription link, so no risks are involved when people subscribe on getting fresh remote jobsFeel free to check it out on the website. You'll get new jobs each week

Feature 3. Remote CompaniesI've created this catalog with Remote Companies which you can find on Remote Creators..

My try to create digital art. It's been a while I did something like this. Here is the Before/After. I've used real photos from my phone to create this one

Feature 2. Rate FinderIf you want to make more money, you need to at least understand what's going on in your market You need to start thinking about your creative field whether it's design, writing, coding, or anything else as a business­ Think like an entrepreneur or even better creativepreneur and definitely not like wantrepreneur The common issue with pricing is the bidding process itself it's hard to realize whether you either underprice or overprice¥ I've imported 144 records or rich data about creative rates and I must say it's a lot of data It's FREE and you can Get Access To It Right Now. Find and go to Tools and then Rate Finder

Amazing custom design of my helmet thanks to @digitally_wild.Now I want to wear it all the time. Even if I park my bike and go into a store or really anywhere else

Feature 1. Remote Creative Jobs.I've built a feature that automatically moderates the job listThis job list updates daily and you can always check and maybe find something interesting for youIt has more than 100 of the latest creative remote opportunitiesIt's FREE and you can even get it in your inbox weekly (which is not mandatory btw)

Coding some stuff for Remote Creators. It's been challenging and interesting at the same time. I love the process so far¥ I'm excited to share more on Remote Creators in upcoming posts Let me know, guys if you have any questions about the platform

Hey Guys :-)I'm thrilled to announce and ship the first stable beta of Remote Creators StoryInitially, I've started working on this project as a job board site back in February 2018 while traveling in VietnamIt was paused for some reason I can't remember, and now it's back on my work deskI have some fresh ideas, and I want to try them here. I've already re-wrote the Front-End part and a little bit of the Back-End. So it's more flexible with delivering the relevant content, and it does it smoother nowAnyway, it's too early to reveal the MVP of this project. I've resumed working on it spontaneously at the end of 2020. Anyway, after two months of working on the core functionality, I'd like to release this beta NowSince the first iteration, Remote Creators has more than 100 curated freshest creative and Remote Jobs, the Automated Weekly Newsletter, smart Log in, and tools like Rate FinderFirst sign-ins and subscribers this month§© FeaturesI'll be posting about each feature specifically in separate posts so it fits in hereMeanwhile, you're very welcome to visit Remote Creators and look around. Feel free to do that

How to Stop Searching for ClientsWhen you are tired of searching for clients, asking your clients for references, writing cold letters, or even making cold calls, then it's time then it's time to change somethingOver 90% of creatives hate this part of the freelancing business. The client attraction mechanism is gold knowledge for us

Everything You Need To Know About Remote Work and Location Independent BusinessMy first remote work experience was back in 2006, and you can imagine how many bumps I went through to this pointI wrote this huuuge post that includes the essentials. Table of contents: Remote work is not a trend Global Factors Can You Do Your Work Remotely? Should you Work Remotely Or Run Your Business as Location Independent? New to Remote Work? This is how you can make a smooth transition Remote Work Challenges What about an office or work culture? Time blockingº Places to Work Work from Home Everyday Routines Yes or No? Tools, Equipment, and TipsThe expectation of immediate replies and endless meetings is why many don't really have to get actual work done

I've been working hard on one project for the past 2 monthsI've experimented with coding without a design mock-ups approach on this one. Actually, I've never properly opened Sketch or any design software along the wayAlso, this is the first project where I've built automations and custom solutions to handle email, profiles, and dynamic work with data. I haven't used any third-party solutions. So everything is vanilla I'll be posting more details soonThis shot is from my work in progress

I've skipped posting here for quite some time. Now I'm thinking of posting some of the artifacts I have as well as designs and thoughts.

The main advantage of UIForms if compare to similar Design Systems and Kits is that this library consists of black and white components (including shades)It makes it easy to adapt templates and components to any color scheme and style guide you might have to create or separately from the main design or development phaseI've shared some of the examples earlier and I'm going to share more in the future..UIForms Figma Edition goes 50% OFF on Black Friday night. You can pre-order now for $19 and get it on Nov 27. The price will change to $39 afterward. and preview the library there

One package with UIForms library inside can be used across dozens or even hundreds of projects saving literally weeks of time and tons of budget. It can help to build anything from a simple website to complex web and mobile appsUIForms Figma Edition goes 50% OFF on Black Friday night. You can pre-order now for $19 and get it on Nov 27. The price will change to $39 afterward. and preview the library there

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL! Don't miss a chance .UIForms Figma Edition goes 50% OFF on Black Friday night. You can pre-order now for $19 and get it on Nov 27. The price will change to $39 afterward. check more info about UIForms and preview the library

At first, I thought I'd transfer all the components from the Sketch library to Figma, but if I'd do that, this wouldn't be meSo I decided to re-create all the components and implement the latest features like Auto Layout and Variants that at this time only available in Figma (not Sketch). It takes time, but in some way, it feels like the right thing to doUIForms Figma Edition goes 50% OFF on Black Friday night. You can pre-order now for $19 and get it on Nov 27. The price will change to $39 afterward. and preview the library there

Hey, I'm back and with some great news! Lots of people asked me about UIForms for Figma and the time has comeSo, I'm working on the Figma Edition for my latest product. Moreover, we all know that the sale time is coming at the end of November, and this year I decided to participate in this movement myselfUIForms Figma Edition goes 50% OFF on Black Friday night. You can pre-order now for $19 and get it on Nov 27. The price will change to $39 afterward. and preview the library there

I've updated UIForms and now it's got even better in terms of functionality, customization. The product page became more self-explanatory. By the way, you can check it from Feel free to ask any questions you have

I've prepared a quick demo video of how lightning-fast it's possible to create a Flight Booking InterfaceThe best part here is that finally, I could focus more on the creative part of it instead of minor repetitive tasks focused on the UI elements itselfReady to get UI design results faster? Check

I've ran some tests and improved UIForms library even moreI'm sure you'll have lots of fun using and customizing it The new version is available by

Do you pay attention to all these details when creating forms? Label font size and style, Value text style, border width, or no border, rounded corners radius, paddings, margins..Sometimes it can be overwhelming and a waste of timeWhat if you can skip this step and simply add form components or a complete form to your mockup? Check UIForms for more details

UIForms now have color palettes that help to customize Forms in a more intelligent way. You don't need to pick random colors. Instead, you can just choose from a set and they fit each other (based on research)Check

I've got a lot of feedback and have been busy working on updates. And now getting ready for another launch!

I've designed about 40 Form Templates and I want to share them with you. Check

Website design concept made with UIForms (link in bio)

A small update on remote work and stuff. Living in Tallinn lately. It's gonna be 6 months in AugustA lot was happening during this time. I've re-started regularly writing in the blog, finished with the beta of SPRY (more updates on it later), working on a new system related to design patterns Travels... I miss it soo much lately, and it's hard to make any plans. The situation is changing almost every week, and a lot of countries are still closedI'm planning one trip soon but mostly related to business. Hopefully, the change of scenery will do the job at least temporarily :)

I've made this photo in Bali back in 2019. I have a very strong nostalgia lately. Not specifically about Bali, but more about the lifestyle. Hopefully, things will normalize soon, and we'll be traveling again and catching some fresh nomadic vibes

Work in progress on a new product that's gonna optimize a ton of time in design processesI'll be revealing more details later

Finally, as of this month it's possible to go out and catch some nomadic vibes somewhere in a cafe. I was craving for it for a while. It's hard for me to be in one place whether it's work office or home office even if the set up is comfortable enoughAnother good thing is that it's summer in Estonia now and it feels great to be outside catching some sun light and fresh airI've read in the news that Europe is slowly starting open up. Still hard to believe that stats are much worse in other places and measures are more strictHopefully, IRL things are getting better

SPRY blogging system has an amazing overview of all the blog posts on your site. Also, they can be filtered by tags. Having the Cards Design approach here helps a lot to stay consistent. Especially, if you're writing a niche blog

One of the projects I was working on for the past a couple of months is a new learning platform with classrooms and a series of classes. A lot of cool functionality even if compare to already known education platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. Of course, the mobile version was in the scope of work. This is gonna be epic!

Hey there It's me Max and I'm still alive even though I didn't post here since New Year's. Despite this corona situation seems like it's the best time to launch my startup. Today we experience some content loading issues on different websites. That's not the case with system I'm building right now. It generates the content in advance and reduces a server load. It will be available soon and I think I'll try to create some content during this process of finalization and launch. Anyway, will see if it makes sense to do so. Let me know if indie maker's stuff like this is interesting for you

Island vibes and landing page design Koh Lipe inspires and makes me do things quicker without sacrificing the quality

There is something about white tables, but to be honest this is one more workplace in my temporary kitchen..Oh these transient times. There is two sides of a coin: One it's good to change places to understand better what you want; Two you have a lot of limitations in temporary places

One more project I'm excited to share about is the brand new web hosting company with an amazing UI and intuitive user experience

Two more screens from the Android project I'm currently working on. I'll be honest and say that it's kinda cool to design something outside Apple ecosystem to go out of your comfort zone so to speak

Here is a sneak peak into my work in progress on Dark mode version of the app I mentioned in one of my previous posts

Here is the close up of the Android app I'm about to finish on this week. Super happy with the result as well as the feedback is positive so far

One of the projects I worked recently is the conversion of the existing iOS app which initially was designed by me to the dark mode version. It's actually, not a trivial design task as it seems like. So I invested plenty of time into this mini-project and to make sure everything looks as it supposed to be I tested the dark mode design in a natural evening environment on my iPhone. And some minor tweaks were made during this simple User Test, but more on this will be in my article that I'm going to publish soon

Finalizing my work on a new Android app I mentioned earlier. Here are several screens from it. I'm really happy with the result. The UX covers all the necessary flows, and the look consisting of two main colors brings to it a good vibe :)

This week, surprisingly, my app has gained hundreds of sign ups. This is the first app that I made 2 years ago and it's sort of abandoned at the moment. Suddenly, I have a lot of sign ups and it doesn't stop. I don't know if it's a scam or maybe someone posted it on a viral resource. Anyway, I had to shut down notifications about sign ups so I can use my email I'm tracking the activity from time to time and soon we'll see where it goes Did you have anything like that?.

This is one more screen of the new Android app I was talking about in one of the previous posts here. Pretty much happy with the color scheme. I will see how it works on other screens in terms of consistency and awesomeness!

Working on the release of the first version of the blogging platform

The Demo screen with the menu for one of the mobile projects I work on right now. I don't remember if I mentioned that this time, it's an Android app. However, it's being designed with the perspective that it will be developed for iOS as well. So basically, it's a cross-platform design. It's all coming along nicely with this navigation, IA and UX in general so far I can tell you

Designing the Pitch deck for one amazing project

Wireflow example that I designed using the Pattern kit. You can read more about this type of user journeys in my latest article (link in bio)

Responsive view of Web Hosting UI I'm currently working onI believe it's important to be informative and flexible when you work on a mobile version of the interface. And it should feel like a solid UI and user experienceI mean that if you work with the app, website, or any kind of interface on the web, then it shouldn't be a big difference in mobile. So you can switch between devices and do the job that interface allows you to do

This is Task flows example from the latest article I wrote (link )A task flow shows how users travel through a system while performing a specific task. Task flows are a single flow with a common entry point and completed by all users for a specific action

Working on a new UX for the coolest web hosting companyWe started all the processes from the ground and design from scratch. So this is interesting to do a competitive analysis, understand customers, design user flows, and finally, work on the look and feelWe're trying to keep things simple and eliminating unnecessary steps from user flows. I believe in the project, and soon we'll finish the design phase, and hopefully, it's gonna be live without delays

This is an example of a storyboard I recently didWhen you have a storyboard, you can show people exactly how your product or service is going to be mapped out and how it will be used. This makes it infinitely easier for other people to understand the idea

Working on as many screens as possible for Pattern kit. My goal is to cover most of mobile UX patterns and make this kit ready to build prototypes from it within a day

A wireframe example I did for a client project. Things like this, I use as a base for my projects. I believe that it adds practicality and make things like UI kits, Design system, Frameworks useful in real projects

A calendar is another screen wireframe that can be used pretty much in any booking app like Skyscanner or Airbnb. So this one also goes into the Pattern kit library

I often stumble upon that I need to add Settings into a prototype or a set of wireframes, and there is nothing at hand that I can use. So I designed this abstract Settings screens and probably I'll add a couple of variants in the Pattern kit so it will be easy to just add it to a user flow and move on

Pattern kit has all the necessary elements for building decent black and white wireframes and prototypes

This was a week of hard coding because of my beta launch. I touched the design a lot, but didn't have much time to properly open Sketch and design the whole UI there. So I just did that in code. Anyway, right now testing the latest build of on sites

My morning coffee Today a masterpiece

Chilling out after the hard work week and the beta launch

Catching up on some client work after the launch of my beta My startup purposely doesn't have any investors it's self funded. And it's too early for it to pay the bills

Doing some client work I found myself mixing well inner projects and client projects in cases when I tired or stuck in one or another

Yep! I'm alive and working hard on the new product. Actually, this one takes me about a year to finish due to a lot of changes during the the whole process, but I believe that's for the best. Anyway, launching the Beta in August. So let me know if you'd like to try no-bs blogging race car

Updated Content Dark Mode design system with 4 New Templates like Travel and Events components.

New shot and refreshed Mini Design system dedicated to the Content category is available now and you can get it using (Free Demo inside)

This Sunday is working day for me. Catching up on some projects including the design system I talk about lately here and preparing some cool updates that I reveal soon

Since I was traveling a lot for the past 2 years I decided to start adding some travel Templates to the design systemIt's interesting to do so in the dark mode, but I'm happy with the unusual look and how created before components make it easy to implement those ideasMore info about the design system :

Designed two more screens and included them into the design system I'm working on right now. I had a lot of fun with fading the image on top and creating all the rest of the components.

Hey makers,I'm here with one of the recent news. I included Text Syles support into ¦ Nightfall Content Design System. So now it's even faster to design screens especially for a content purpose like here in this design system. I think I'll be including more text style in the future, but this is good enough for a variety of cases. I've tested it on 16 different Content Templates and it works like magic

I've worked on specifications of the design system in this Content edition. So it's easy to find components and understand how everything is organized inside the Design System. I'm going to add the same to the Complete Package, but that will definitely take some timeYou can check the Nightfall Content pack

Dark mode Calendar based on Nightfall Design System. Check the detailed overview (link in bio )

Dark mode design with the help of Nightfall Design System. This demo is presented on iPhoneX. See the detailed overview (link in bio )

Showing some cool card options designed for different use cases. For example, showing cards one by one if you prefer to engage with users right away or have an overview with a grid of cards (Dark Mode Design System)

Doing some tweaks to style guide for Nightfall and thinking about further updates. I think I'll add more templates and more ways of categorization. Also, thinking about basic documentation and use cases. What do you think would be useful to have in in a Design System like this?

Nightfall is ready for Music & Podcast Apps

A style guide is a part of a Design System. So I have one in Nightfall. It summarizes the most important style attributes and components existing in the system.

50+ Templates based on 330+ Components ready to use in Sketch. Get it here

I put a lot of attention to details and use cases in Nightfall Design System. It consists of well organized and high-quality components.

10 Categories (content, maps, mail, calendar, messages, profile, system screen, music, and podcasts, log in / sign up).

Nightfall supports latest trends in navigation and organization of mobile screens. Also, it's based on iOS 12 guidelines and even iOS 13 rumors. So you have everything to build dark mode mobile apps already now.

Each template consists of components based on the atomic design concept. So you can change everything from small details like icons and colors to complex components like cards and navigation. You can change it all and build your own app in days

As promised, sharing my new product here. It's a Dark mode Design System for iOS that called NightfallNightfall designed to make your design and development process much faster and delightfulIt consists of 50+ templates covering 10 different topics for most of the cases that mobile apps have

Long time, no posts... I know. But I'm still alive and in maker's mode and that's probably the most important thing. Working on atomic product that I'm going to share more about very soon

Happy with the design for the client's project. Just finished with the refined UI for saved searches and a better User Experience that will make the app more engaging and helpful

My second iteration and close up of the Design System I'm working on right now

Going through rounds and rounds of design updates for the real estate app. Still catching up on some cool user experiences that improve usage, engagement, and functionality of the app while keeping the UI clean and simpleThis is one of the first projects where I started implementing some basic principles for building a design system. So that's something that helps to do quick updates and stay consistent with the new solutions

Since my blogging system project takes a lot of time to build I decided to refresh my workflow and make a product that takes significantly less time and build a design systemThis is one of the previews that I'm thrilled to share with you as a sneak peek. More is coming soonI'm literally adding new UI components and design new screens like every day. So stay tuned if you're interested in more stuff like this

Oh... these crazy days in Bali. It's been awhile I didn't post. But actually I managed to get done some work even tho the internet in Ubud is super slow and drops very often. Anyway, happy for the change of the scenery. Now in Canggu, signed up for co-working and started working on a new product. Will be sharing more details soon..

I usually go to a coffee shop in the mornings to walk and improve my blood flow. That helps me to start my work day on a positive note. But sometimes the overall experience is not that good as I expected and I feel like I need to escape the place as fast as possible not to ruin my day completely... (excerpt from my new article)

Working on some additional graphics for the landing page I've shown the work in progress here earlier. It's a bit difficult to be super productive on the island, but I'm catching up on things lately

It's my time off, but I'm still productive by learning new things form the stuff I saved for later. But wait... you can tell me: what the heck Max? You're not supposed to be working and even open your laptop while being on the island and having a sabbatical. Yeah... that's right. But lately, I was so immersed in 3 client projects, polishing and delivering them. So I still have this momentum, and I need some activity to slow down and relax for a little bitBy the way, these guys from InVision on the screen have a point regarding design systems ™‚

I feel like I'm finally mastering this graphical part of apps using human illustrations and proper color pallets. Feels natural and pleasant to read and understand the info on a screen. It's always great to push the boundaries and experiment with new techniques in the design, gather feedback and then move on. That's shortly how I do it as a solo designer

Pushing pixels hard before my time off. This is one of the landing pages in the dark style I'm designing now

I was quite busy here designing a lot of stuff for clients and that's because I'm going to get some rest for a couple of weeks soon. A vacation so to speak. However, I'm not going to sip pina-coladas on a beach all the time (there are beaches on the island tho ), but I'm gonna work on my startup and some cool blog posts. Hopefully, more stuff will go to Instagram. This time that's for sure As of now, I'm sharing here some of the visual design concepts I was working on lately for one of the projects... and a cool article about mobile navigation is coming early next week

Didn't post for a while. Actually didn't post at all in this year but just want to make an update here. Working hard these days. I have a client work, and the huge project is editor for my blog engine. There is a lot of UX tests and front end coding is going on. No frameworks, just pure code and live UX testing taking into account different use cases. The launch will be before spring that's for sure. It's gonna be epic at least for the user base I have right now I'm gonna post more stuff like this before the launch. So if you're interested please welcome

Let the old year end and the new year begin with the amazing aspirations

Working on some hardcore stuff to systematize and automate my design process for one of the projects I haveIt takes days of efforts, and I think this library will be updated many times to cover more and more cases. But in the long run it worth every minute of working on itI'll be sharing more in future posts on design systems, with examples and use cases. So stay tuned.

Should designers be able to code? There is no a simple answer on that question. I've met managers and developers that told me I should do it or at least know how to do it. I've met designers who against coding even their own one page website-You can find articles with pros and cons like: do not spread your focus and do only one thing (design or code). Or the opposite: you have to push your boundaries and know as much as possible... and so on-I can code. Moreover, I have my own software products with front end and back end built from scratch. However, designing UX, drawing illustrations and doing graphical part is my favorite thing. So I do both, but one thing (code) from time to time and more as a hobby. -That's my personal preference and I wouldn't recommend anyone to go in both directions. It takes a lot more time than just doing one thing and you can spend sleepless nights, and weekends instead of being with your family, but in some way it's rewarding. It's great to be able to make things you designed working and who knows what results it can bring in the future ™‚

I'm writing a new article about interfaces, sci-fi movies, emerging technologies, use cases and how it can be applied in the near futureInterested? Subscribe, and I'll let you know when it's published

Continue working on interactions for the app I'm designing these days. I believe it helps to build a smooth user experience and achieve a good customer satisfaction. This app is making me work at night and push my boundaries, but I'm happy with the result so far. Can't wait to see it implemented

Working surrounded by nature, and a cup of a solid flat white is a great addition to such a beautiful stress-free environment

Continue working on animations for the iOS app I'm working on right now. This one is for location permission screen

Catching some warm Christmas vibes while working on mobile UI

Working on some Service screens for the real estate app

This photo was taken about a year ago in Bali. Can't believe that so much happened during one year, but one of the things I stay committed to no matter what and no matter where is UX Design

Experimenting with white vs dark UI style lately. I believe there is a future of dark and then transparent interfaces

Started over writing on design topics. I'll share some of the useful and awesome content in one of these days

Working on UI for pages builder that involves templates

Continuing my previous post, I'm thrilled to say that I designed and coded Landing page that has all the details about the site system I was talking about in my previous post-Do not hesitate to check this out at spry(dot)blog and leave your email if you're interested in more news about the system. You can also check the profile here @spryplatform-Cheers

Hey guys, I want to tell you a little bit about the product I'm doing from scratch. Long story short I tried different platforms and CMS years ago and grew to the point that I needed to push boundaries and decided to create my solution that would power my website-A couple of months ago I decided to work on the back-end and make it public. It's a system that powers websites in a simple way possible. It has amazing SEO, integrations, automation, and other futuristic features you can only imagine-It's still in progress, but I share some of the awesome design concepts I'm implementing these days. And you can sign up to get an invitation when it's out. -I have customers already that testing it on early stages. So join our amazing creative community here: @spryplatform

I think that illustration skills are important for UI designers nowadays due to the high demand for this type of graphics. I'll explain why..-It takes less time to turn around the whole design concept that way. You don't need to wait for an illustrator to finalize the artwork and then put it inside a wireframe, to see how it works. And later do further iterations along with discussing it with a client-So a lot of friction and back and forth communications reduced a lot

Hey, check out my work in progress in Stories. I work on animation for this and other onboarding screens. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the animation or if you have any questions ;)

Work in progress on the Real Estate Startup. Putting together a great UI work and thorough UX to achieve the results you can see on this shot

Some clean and straightforward design of categories for the website I designed for venture capitalists a couple of months ago

It's cool to be in Lisbon, explore coffee shops, try coffee in different places and design some cool stuff. Why do it on the go? Inspiration!

One more shot of Product page I designed for eCommerce for the project I mentioned earlier

One more awesome eCommerce project that I designed a couple month ago

Going through the latest client work I did and upload some case studies on my website